Help needed with after venue prep!

Evening all.

Wedding all booked for next summer and have now booked the after venue.

I have a few issues about the venue and planning and could really do with some help please.

We have a small evening venue to accommodate approx 100 people.

The booking slots for the venue are 10am - 6pm and 6pm - 12am (we obv have the eve one)

If someone is in there until 6 then we are going to really struggle to get the venue decorated in 1-1.5 hours!!!!

I was planning on starting the do at 7.30 is that ok? gives us an hour and a half but will still be a struggle. Any ideas on how we can make the preparations easier and less stressful!!!!!


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    wow - i must admit i find it a bit strange that a venue would only give you an hour and a half to set up for a wedding when they have had another event earlier in the day! i assume you're getting married on the same day? you don't want to be worrying about that on your big day!

    i am paying for a venue decorator to come and help sort out our venue on the morning of our wedding. my H2B and some of his friends are doing it, but likewise, they are under similar time constraints: they can access the venue at half 10 and will need to leave by 12 to get ready! her fee was £100 and that includes all the sashes, candles and other bits i have ordered from her. if your budget will allow, maybe you could enlist a professional to do this for you? 

    failing that, put together a group of people who you can trust will work well together under pressure. put together a spreadsheet and give everyone a job, and i'm sure they will be able to sort it out. unless you're having a proper sit down dinner, surely you'll just need to put some linen on the tables and some flowers/decorations? you might need to keep it simple! does the venue not offer any sort of help at all?

    can you leave anything at the venue the day before your wedding or something/have someone drop it off earlier in the day? that will make life a lot easier! just a thought...


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    Lubes has got some great ideas (really like the spreadsheet idea of assigning tasks). I also agree with her, I'm shocked that a venue would book events so back-to-back like that.

    Depending on how much decorating you plan to do, you may or may not need a small army of people poised and read to pounce into action at 6:01 PM. Some of the set-up should be able to be pawned off on the vendors. Your florist should not object to placing the floral arrangements on the tables & placing others arrangements round about the venue. Most chair cover companies include set-up and take-down in their costs. You undoubtedly could talk the caterer into the placing table numbers/ names and maybe even placing the favors. Items like baskets of flipflops, ladies & mens room supply baskets, your table plan, your guest book, etc., most likely will fall to you and your guests to set up. The more decor you want (and the less your vendors are willing to do for you), the more you will need to rely on family & friends.

    Also take into consideration that your immediate family and bridal party will undoubtedly NOT be able to do the set-up. The photographer typically does the bulk of the bridal party photos immediately following the ceremony, so these folks will be tied up with you & the photog. This means these tasks will need to be assigned to family and friends further down the chain. If you don't have guests beyond your bridal party that you would trust with these tasks, you may want to consider hiring a venue dresser or a day-of coordinator...and make the set-up all their problem!

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    Is there any way that you can book both slots? That way you could have the whole day to sort out the decorations etc? obviously I don't know how expensive it would be for you to book both, but if budget allows I would definitely do that! 

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