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id be really grateful on opinions on a cake idea, its 3 tier pale pink and white icing with marshmallows cascading down the front ... i really like it as it just looks like huge marshmallows and it ties in with the colour scheme, but a friend of mine said she thought it looked awful so im just wondering if anyone thinks it sounds bad... i dont want all my guests thinking the cake is awful!

thanks image


  • woodstockuk1woodstockuk1 Posts: 148
    i wouldnt care whether she likes it or not it sounds gr8 to me-i like cakes that r a bit different! have you got a photo?

    were having veggie only food at our wedding as we r both veggies most people ave been gr8 about it and those who havent i just say "our day our way" it tends to stop people from saying anything back- but in a light hearted way!
  • kjkukkjkuk Posts: 307
    i think it sounds lovely, its nice to have something different as people will remember it more than a boring wedding cake. we're having a heilter skelter cake with me and h2b and all the wedding party coming down the slide. i'm sure many of the older people will hate it but its what we want. You should go for it!


  • I totally agree with kezzie, We are having a large 3 tier cake with a pink castle on the top, my dad is trying to persuade me to go for flowers instead of a castle as he says it looks like a sandcastle but i have stuck to my guns and we are going to have what we want!!! People seem to forget who's wedding it actually is!!! lol
  • higgyuk1higgyuk1 Posts: 1,225
    It sounds lovely to me - have you got a photo to show us?
  • DarkHor5eDarkHor5e Posts: 885
    ill try and put one on when i can get home (my work computer is not wanting to play!) does anyone know how to upload photos on here?
  • goneawaygoneaway Posts: 1,676 New bride
    Mrs White I love your helter skelter cake! Do you have pics? Sx
  • louisewaddonlouisewaddon Posts: 322
    I think it sounds lovely kirsty v I have seen one of them before and they look wicked, go with what you want.

  • HeidiErdoganHeidiErdogan Posts: 518
    Bit rude of your friend to say that! it is just a cake after all, it will get demolish and eaten! and I think it sounds cool!

    I am just having a cutting cake and lots of cup cakes scattered all over the tiers for the guests, saves us cutting them all up in cake slices!

    Heidi xx
  • DarkHor5eDarkHor5e Posts: 885
    the link to the website is click on wedding cake ideas then its the marshmallow one!

    thanks your your positive thoughts, my friend really upset me with her comments... i never thought a close friend would be so negative image

    i love the idea of cupcakes but my sister did it so wanting to go with something different!
  • HeidiErdoganHeidiErdogan Posts: 518
    is it this one:

    Your friend must be jealous because it is a beautiful cake and i dont even have a sweet tooth but I can eat that!!

    Heidi xx

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  • DarkHor5eDarkHor5e Posts: 885
    yep! im glad you like it, i have seen the dress you are in love with and think its stunning so you obvioulsy have great taste!
  • HeidiErdoganHeidiErdogan Posts: 518
    I love the cake, it is beautiful, so go for it, take it from a London girl who likes who think she has taste! I just showed my family too and they all love it, my sister said she is having that cake at her wedding!

    And when it comes to friends, dont listen or take everything they say personally, weddings tends to bring out the green eyed monster in a lot of people, family included!!

    Heidi xx

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  • monkeyukmonkeyuk Posts: 63
    I absolutely love it! Its fun but still looks great, yum yum.
  • jacksukjacksuk Posts: 215
    I think that is cool! I am not showing it to my H2B or he will want that one instead of ours!!! Go for it and ignore you friend - what a horrid thing to say anyway! I think it is different and therefore people will love it and it will be one of those things that make people remember your wedding as different!
  • sal1978uksal1978uk Posts: 30
    yep go for it showed it my b/friend and he said its mashmellows whats not to like tee hee i think it looks lovely and very yummy
  • kjkukkjkuk Posts: 307
    Kirstyv your cake is lovely you should def go for it! i'd be standing there sneeking all the mashmallow offimage

    Stella i'm not good at this type of thing but see if this works not sure of the colours just yet but i'm thing of white with pink ribbons and you'll have green on it too from the bridesmaids dresses! What do you think?
  • crosserukcrosseruk Posts: 137
    I like it, i'd eat all the marshmallows before dinner though!! I LOVE the cow cake... I want it for my wedding!
  • goneawaygoneaway Posts: 1,676 New bride
    Love it Mrs White! S x
  • emmaexelbyemmaexelby Posts: 635
    Ignore your friend it's amazing, are you having fruit or sponge? Em x
  • tinksyuktinksyuk Posts: 1,672
    love it love it love it love it!! Im having one with sugarflowers on hand made by my nanny. I love the quirky cakes but she is giving me this as a gift and i do love the beautiful flowers she makes so im going with that. x
  • Fantastic!!!!!!!! If its what you want and it feels right go for it.;\)
  • DarkHor5eDarkHor5e Posts: 885
    we are having a layer of chocolate sponge and two plain sponge...h2b hates fruit so thats out!

    im so glad you all like it... its just a bit different as is a lot of our wedding, im having an ian stuart dress that is not the typical ivory and as a couple we never do things the "normal" way! I just thinks its us!

  • sonymesonyme Posts: 425
    I like it even more now you mention not the 'normal way'. ignore silly comments as others say shes just jealous or only likes traditional..If shes your friend then she should expect the unexpected-our cakes got stripes all over it because like you we like things that little bit different!!!

    I think its fab - hope it tastes as yummy as it looks!!!!!
  • pretzukpretzuk Posts: 242
    i think your cakes sounds great as a wedding planner i have come across many ideas and they all work on the day as it pulls together i think u should what you want and not what everyone else wants image
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