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This is my first time to Y&YW so a big HELLO to you all. Hopefully you will be able to help, I am newly engaged and just starting to plan the wedding. Been with H2B for 10 years and we have 2 girls aged 3 and 9 months. Naturally I want them both to be my bridesmaids but with them being so young I can't help but worry about the evening reception, they will be exhausted! Has anyone else been in this situation?


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    hi amber and welcome i have a little girl who will be 2 when we get married and she went to a charity do last night and lasted til 12 but was tired and grumpy today can you take pushchairs for them to sleep or perhaps inlaws can take them home with them when they go we are getting married in barbados so my mom and dad will have sophie for the evening of the wedding and when we get back she will probably last for the evening do but will take pushchair for her anyway hope this helps x
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    hello, i have two children my son will be five almost six and my daughter will be two and half when we get married next september.

    I am booking a room for my young cousin ( will be 16) , who's very responsible, next to our room so she can take them to bed if they get too tired. I dont want them to miss out and will be at ease knowing i have someone to keep them amused whilst we are are busy, then if there are any problems we are literally next door or within the same building.

  • Hi Donna, thanks for that. Think I will probably go with the pushchair idea and just cope with grumpy children the nxt day. Good luck with your wedding, Barbados, you lucky thing!

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    amber have u got any friends or family who could help with the children dont forget u will probably have a hang over the day after i know i will it only takes 3 glasses of wine for me now ha ha lol good luck with your planning have u set a date yet? you will soon be addicted to this site it has loads of helpful info and all the girls will help with any queries
  • not really, I lost my Mum a while ago and while I adore my H2B I can't really say the same for his family (god that sounds awful doesn't it !!). Guess its going to be lots of paracetamol for me !!!! We are thinking of next September and I've found a couple of venues that I want to go and see but since it took H2B 10 years to propose it may be some time before we actually get anything set in stone !!! What made you decide to marry abroad?
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    oh sorry to hear about your mum i know what u mean about families but remember your marrying him not them. we decided to marry abroad cause neither of us are religious and h2b just doesnt like the big fuss of getting hitched so he just wants family and a few friends then an informal party when we get back but all this may change as he is an only child and his mom has got lung cancer and cant fly so i am trying to get him to have it here for the sake of his mom but he is just so bloody laid back doesnt seem to care that she wont be there to see her only son marry bloody men we will just have to wait to see good luck with your planning x
  • Thanks. Seems like everyone has family issues! Let me know how you get on with changing his mind for him, you know what men are like, us women have to make them think it was their idea before they agree to anything.

    It does seem a shame that his Mum would miss the wedding especially with her being so ill, that must be hard for both of you. I'd be worried that in the future he may regret not having her at the wedding. You could still do informal and low key in this country (all be it minus the sunshine and with an umbrella!). Good luck! x
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    cheers amber off to bed now got work tomoz so speak soon perhaps we could just go to barbados for honeymoon minus little one my parents could look after her for a week oh decisions x
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