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Quirky entertainment ideas?

Hi brides, looking for inspiration for unusal (and prefereably cheap!) enetertainment ideas for our wedding next year.

I heard about duck herding which is very me (country girl and a bit silly!) but it turns out it will be about £700+ for 2 hours!! Would like something else really, any ideas? We do get garden games as part of our package at our venue. We don't like photobooths - closest we would get would maybe be a polaroid with NO PROPS hate all that stuff.

Partner is a gamer so we are thinking of setting up a racing seat on the PS4 with a projector screen, scoreboard etc. and have a little prize for the fastest lap but that's more of an evening thing really.

I am just a bit concerned that our wedding will end up like everyone else's and a bit generic.



  • Hey,


    Im having a festivally type nighttime do and im having a band, crepe van and then smaller things like a glow stick bar, pimp your prosecco bar and a photo op space (probs a bit like a photobooth but with more unusual props like lightsabers etc) im also doing 'minglo' (mingling bingo).

    Other ideas we considered were adult bouncy castles and a friend of mine hires out carnival games and old arcade games x

  • We didn't have space in our venue to do it, but one of our friends basically set up a big screen TV and Rock Band - so two guitars, drum kit and microphone - on a PS4. If we had the room we'd have done the same.

    It was BRILLIANT and a real ice breaker. To start with only the hard core gamers played it, but it's great for people to watch and see how to do it and then pick it up easily and join in. By the end of the night grandma was singing Beatles songs with the father of the bride on drums. It was ace.

    If you're the kind of person who doesn't like karoake it might not work for you, but it was SO much fun. 

  • We are looking to do the Wii version of rock band (if we have the space) and giant games like Jenga and Connect 4, equally looking at having a bit of Lego on the table for people to build with. 


  • Hi guys and thank you for the suggestions!

    My friend had suggested doing stuff like the glow sticks but I guess I hadn't thought of that as entertainment as maybe if I organise a couple of bits like that and then the gaming thing it could work! I guess we don't want to have too many things going on or everyone will be split up and sparsley spread!

    I think the band idea is absolutely brilliant! I may suggest this to my partner see if he prefers this idea as seems really inclusive like you say. xx

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