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Looking for a wedding reception venue in Chester .. help!

Hi all! I'm looking for a venue for our wedding reception in Chester, we think we have a venue for the wedding breakfast and ceremony so just the night part we need! I want a modern venue but really just looking for a room with a bar, not too fussed about food, we'll do our own! Many thanks in advance :)


  • MrsK2016MrsK2016 Posts: 260

    Hi Laura,

    What kind of place do you want/budget etc?

    There's the doubletree by hilton in hoole which I've heard is quite nice (not been to look round myself) and someone at work got married at trafford hall in mickle trafford... I believe this is quite basic and you do the decorating etc yourself...

    So it depends what kind of thing you're after... Is it city centre you're wanting? 

  • Hi MrsK! Thanks for your reply! I have been to look around the Double Tree last year when we were looking for inclusive packages (and I did fall in-love) but were put off by the price tag, I'm not sure if they just offer their venue as room hire for reception only, I will drop them an email though! Yes cuty centre would be great for us as were hoping to have the ceremony and breakfast at the Race Course but again their all inclusive packages were quite expensive. I also looked into the Abode but they only room hire if you purchase food from their menus too and I am just looking for a room!

    Thanks for your help!

  • MrsK2016MrsK2016 Posts: 260

    Ooh so somewhere like trafford hall might be good? Or the oddfellows do room hire I think which is a quirky bar in the city centre. 

    I guess it's difficult doing your own food as so many venues want the opportunity to overcharge you for theirs ;)
    Would you consider village halls or golf clubs maybe? 

    Sorry I'm not being much help but good luck xx

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