hi, hopefully someone out there can help us on this one! We are having a small wedding of about 38 and this is at our local registry office at 11am and then we are having the after do at my parents in laws as they have a lot of land. We don't really know what to do between then and 5pm when people turn up for just the evening do, we have music and obviously we're doing food etc but we don't want people to be bored! 


  • Have you thought about having some outside (weather permitting!) games - like giant Jenga, croquet or Twister? You could rent them, or have a go at making your own?

  • Thanks I'll have to have a look, yeah the weather might be the problem you can't predict it in Britain! 

  • An hour or two with drinks and nibbles will pass in a split second, especially with some live music or something, so thats not a problem, but if they are hanging about from 12-5 then thats a problem.

    As nice as they can be giant games are more often than not ignored and not used by 80% of the guests anyway. Its hard to tell really without more information of what the other guests are doing, how far they have to travel from the office and how many you have for the office and then again the evening?

    Light pub lunch near the office??

  • What time of year? My sisters wedding was at midday and we got back to venue an hour later and had 4.5 hours to kill before the wedding breakfast. She hired an acoustic duo from Essex that people even danced to and they were not dear. Most people just talked as they hadn't seen each other for years so I don't think anyone got bored anyway. Hope it helps. 


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