Reception dilemma

Hi guys, 

I'm newly engaged on Monday gone, yeppiee! Happy days 😊. My partner and I have been looking for venues now for over 6 months. We have found a few beautiful ones but nothing within our budget and for what we'd like. I wonder if anyone could help pls. We live in Wolverhampton and are looking for a venue size of up to 200 guest. We'd like to have private caterer and beautiful grounds to take photos and have the venue all in one place. Our budget for the venue is 3k the max. If you know of anywhere cheaper that would be of help a great deal. We welcome all suggestions please. 


Thanks a bunch 



  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    What sort of food are you wanting to have, and does the above figure include the food cost and the cost of the ceremony?

  • Hi Bella2015, 


    Thanks or getting back to me. The figure only includes the venue, but if we could get a bargain with food and venue that'll be excellent. We'd like to go for a mixture of Jamaican and Nigerian dishes. We know of a few caterers already, but welcome your suggestions if you have any. 

    Thanks for your help 



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