Table plans - traditional or not?

I've been thinking about the top table arrangement - even though mine and H2B's families know each other quite well, I'm reluctant to do the traditional arrangement where my mum sits with H2B's dad and vice versa. I think our parents might be more comfortable sitting within their partners. We want to have Me and Husband in the middle, then Best Man next to Husband and Head Bridesmaid next to me, then our respective parents on our sides, then our brothers next to our parents.

Also, on the other tables, are you mixing people up or keeping family units together? They are tables of 10 and some families we could get all on one table but I thought it might be quite nice to have a bit more mingling .... don't want to upset anyone though! I think we'll keep couples sat next to each other cos I think that's always nice.


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    We're going to have a slight variation on the top table too. H2Bs dad is no longer with us and we want his mum not to feel like she's the only person not in a couple as the day will probably be a little difficult for her as it is so we're going to have us in the middle, mil2b nxt to H2B and her daughter (who's also a bridesmaid) on the otherside of her.

    For the rest of the guests our tables fit 12 on each so we've decided to have 6 from brides side and 6 from grooms side on each. It's going to create a bit of extra work and careful thought but when I went to my cousin's wedding she had done this and it worked brilliantly - it made everyone mix so much more. She'd thought about it really well and put people together who had things in common and made sure everyone was sat with at least a couple of people they knew well.

  • Hi, I went to a wedding recently where the top table was as you described with both sets of parents together and it looked fine.

    I think if you feel that your parents would be happier that way then go for it - no one wants to be looking at a top table with a lot of long faces or with no one talking to one another (I've seen that before!).

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    we're definitely going non-traditional - we're having a square top table! and we are sitting partners next to each other. also i have put my maid of honour on a different table with a lot of our friends so my brother (who is giving me away) and his girlfriend can sit on the top table.

    On the other tables, we have put immediate family together (ie mum, dad and kids, or mr and mrs) but otherwise tried to mingle his family and my family. So one aunt, uncle and cousins from my side sitting with one aunt, uncle and cousisn from his side. We wanted to mix it up a bit, but both families are pretty spread out across the world so the reality is they won't be meeting up again that often, and it was more important to us that people be able to relax and enjoy themselves.
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    Hi I think my table/seating arrangements could be described as "alternative" each of the key players ie bridesmaids, best men (of which there are 3, dont ask !!!) Moh, usher, etc are the head of a table, this was my starting point & seemed to be the fairest way, they all come complete with husbands, wives etc and didnt really fancy breaking them all up. I also have managed a healthy mix of both sides of our families for each table. It was'nt too difficult and there were'nt really any family dynamics to consider, well not that I know of, I'll let you know after the weddding image
  • I was recently at a wedding with lots of people from lots of different countries as guests. Instead of putting the "groups" of people together at the tables, the bride and groom tried to mix it up a bit - presumably so that people would mingle. I have to say, however, that a lot of people didn't feel comfortable with this arrangement and were quite disappointed to not be sitting next to their friends. As soon as the meal was finished, most moved away from their tables to join their respective "groups" anyway, so sometimes, it might make sense to put people where they feel most comfortable.
  • I certainly think people should be with at least one couple they know on a table. If you are mixing things up a bit try to put people with similar interests at the same table. I think it's nice to meet new people at weddings but you don't want to know nobody at your table so feelng lost/alone. Depends on how outgoing your friends/family are.
  • Yes, I would describe most of my friends as outgoing people, but we'd all travelled considerable distances to meet up after a long time, and, as anti-social as it might sound, we were disappointed not to be able to chat together over dinner.
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