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Caterer in North East

madterrymadterry Posts: 246
Our venue wants to charge us £9.50 a head for 5 items on our evening buffet!!! This is stupid and people will starve. Can anyone reccomend a good caterer that will travel to Northumberland? We only want a good quality picnic style buffet but more than 5 items. Its like Peter Kay jokes about Scooby Doo style buffets chicken leg, sandwich,volvent etc etc etc


  • Hi,Im getting married in the north east too! Ive got a couple of caterers in mind I can give you the numbers.

    1,Norah Battys:-01670 366633

    2,Hartford Catering:-01670 545511

    I have been told that they are very reasonable but im still waiting to recieve a copy of the menu.

    I hope this helps and good luck with your wedding plans!
  • Hi,

    I am getting married in Northumberland too and we are using Fresh Element caterers. Andy is fantastic has come up with some really interesting menu ideas and they use locally sourced ingredients. I would most definately recommend them. Here is a link to their website:

    Hope this helps

  • im sorry i cant help cos im getting married at The Derwent Manor Hotel in Northumberland,have any of u b2bs been there? its a gorgeous venue! but im just so happy to see so many north-east brides as i am one from consett in co.durham. x
  • madterrymadterry Posts: 246
    Thanks for those girls i will check them out!
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