Who were the choir singing at Colchester wedding fayre 5 years ago?

I was at a wedding fair about 5 years ago in Colchester (the Stadium by the A12) as I was being dragged around by my older sister who got married in 2012. We saw a choir performing that I really liked that were really trendy and did modern songs (not churchy or stuffy). My sister didn't book them as she wanted a harpest but now it's my turn to get married and I can't find them and worse still I can't even remember what they were called.

I've tried Googling and even I've tried phoning the venue where the fair was held but none of the staff could help and said the fayre was probably organised by someone else - who they didn't know. 

All I can remember of the choir was there were 6 or 7 of them with two boys and they sung songs like 'signed sealed delivered' and 'higher and higher'. I suppose they were all mid 20's/30's? They sang in the entrance as we arrived and then kept moving about which is what I'd like them to do. 

I'm aiming to get married in 2018 (only got engaged at Christmas) so starting my search early. 

Any ideas?







  • There was a choir at the Copdock Barn open day last year which is only just up the road from Colchester. Could be them?

    Might be worth asking. They were offering theselves as "the love actually experience" and singing waiters. I didn't take a leaflet as we'd already booked our music.

    If it's not these then these were really good.

    All the best with your search. 


  • Hi Sarah

    Did you know you can search through old posts on here? I just typed "Choir Essex" and these popped up more than once, it might be them. 

    I copied and pasted it below, it's from 2011 so hope they are still going  

    let me know how you get on.



    New Bride

    Thanks to all you amazing girlies that helped me on here, giving me support along the way, advice and tips and ideas!! 

    The BEST idea came from CharLsx25 who pushed me to check out The Sound Collective Choir which I then went on to have sing at my wedding. 

    They made my day. Love Love LOVED them. We had them sing as guests arrived at the venue, when I came down the aisle, in the signing of the register and as I left the room. 
    They then sung again while we had drinks and made us cry, clap and filled the room with joy. 

    I didn't go for gospel because I had a civil ceremony so instead went for the SOul and modern sounds. 
    All the guests couldn't stop talking about it. The 2 guys that sung "signed Sealed Delivered" together... OH MY GOD it was so fantastic. Brilliant Brilliant. 
    And "Make you Feel my Love" when I came down the aisle was STUNNING and made us all cry!!! 

    As you said to let you know about how it went, here I am reporting back and saying to check them out. 

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  • Yes, yes yes that's them as I recognise the lady with the long dark hair.

    Seems they've changed the name of it though as it looks like they have choirs you can join as well as the small professional one we want to book. 

    thanks so much. 

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