Anyone used DJ2K for their wedding reception?

If so would you recommended? 



  • I am not sure if I have met these guys or not but the name rings a bell? As a full time professional DJ yes it looks good to me and the pricing is about right too, for experienced wedding specialists. The one thing I would look out for is who you will actually get. They advertise 3 main DJ's but say that they intend to "cover the whole of the UK in the next few years" so you may meet a great bloke (assuming they do meetings), and get someone completely different. I  would personally make sure i know who I am getting, (or at least a short list) and ideally meet the DJ in persons for a planning meeting. 

    The main thing is they are a legit business, have 2.7k likes on Facebook and have won regional winner for the wedding industry awards. It also looks like you will get what thou see. They also look quite contemporary, so work in a similar way to our business ( in the New Forest).

    Make sure the DJ is not too clubby and knows how to announce formalities and cater for music all ages without being too cheesy. Danny seems to be the main guy so if free he looks a sound choice. Having said that I doubt he would book muppets and has chosen the best DJ in the area that reflect the way they do things. 

    I would book these guys for my wedding, based on their website and Facebook, so I would say YES, well worth the money. 

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