Are my favours a stupid idea?

Hi ladies,


What are your honest opinions on the idea that I have for my favours...

I am a big tea lover and all things tea and cake related I just adore, so I wanted an English tea party theme for my wedding breakfast, all vintage looking and lovely, however, its proving silly money when trying to accommodate such styles and some things we just cant justify.

So our reception no longer has a 'theme' as such, it will be pretty plain but I still really wanted to incorporate 'tea party' somehow...this is a really popular choice right now I know.....

The wedding favours I had my heart set on were little fancy tea spoons which I would have engraved with the initials and date of the wedding, this is rather expensive but not totally unachievable, however, will it just be a huge waste and will people actually be bothered about having them? I know some will and some wont, but if I do pay out to have them will I just have loads handed back to me the next day where people just left them on the table and then I'll feel like an idiot! I mean, honestly what does someone want with an engraved spoon anyway? I am talking myself out of it aswell......or what do you think to just give the ladies the little teaspoon and give the men something else?


help!!! lol!!



  • MrsTwizbeMrsTwizbe Posts: 3,352 New bride

     It sounds nice, but a lot of people don't take favours from weddings and (I'll be honest) I don't tend to unless I think I will use it.

    How about getting some personalised tea bags instead? Cheaper and I suspect you wont be as disheartened if any are left on the tables.

  • I'd say ladies the tea spoon and maybe Pimms or something for the men? Or even some posh tea bags? Jam? Gets the theme in without the expense.

    I think it's a cute theme though

  • SadSack83SadSack83 Posts: 1,700

    I think the tea/jam idea is a lovely one. 

    I love the ideas of spoons too although wouled only do one per couple.

    I read on here a lot that favours get left. Only you know your attendees but I went to a lot of trouble for ours and none were left over. Not one. Out of 62.

    I would like to think anyone would be polite enough to take something so obviously given with care by a bride/groom to their closest family and friends even if they then put it in a drawer. 

    In terms of the spoons I think they would be more useable without dates/initials. Could you do a quote or write love or do a heart or something instead and get yours personalised? 

    Whatever you decide your loved ones won't think you're an idiot!

  • Kitten2014Kitten2014 Posts: 1,489

    SadSack is completely correct, only you know your guests. We can't really conjecture whether this is something they will like or not. You might hit it on the peg with your favor, like she did, and everyone grabs one, or it might be a complete toss up - but you'd know better than us.

    My family and friends aren't tea drinkers, so would find this offering odd. We also don't consume alcohol, so you can imagine how many personalized shot glasses we have left on tables! This is why you need to "know your audience," even if that means asking around a bit.

    I saw another lady on here do a little "tea kit" with little tea bags twined together with a little card stock message on the front. This would be a cheaper option if you decide you do have a large tea-drinking group, but want to save on expense.

  • hey hun we to are big tea lovers and are also having afternoon tea at our wedding these are our favors 



    we are going to put them in little boxes with a portion of our favorite loose tea :) 



  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 3,844 New bride

    To be honest I think they sound cute but expensive and a lot may be left. It's not always a case of guests being rude or that they just don't want them, often favours can be forgotten when people have had a few to drink, or people leave them if they won't fit in pockets and bags. But there's lots of cute tea party themed things you could do. Edible favours always go down well, and if one guest doesn't want theirs then normally someone else will scoff it. What about cute biscuits?


    Or hot chocolate stirrer spoons like the ones they sell in Whittards? I bet there's ways you could make these yourself and personalise the spoons in them


    Tea bags are cute too but to be honest I left a teabag favour at a recent wedding as it was 'just a tea bag' and I have a whole box of them at home. Maybe if they were nice posh tea bags (and labelled as such) I'd have taken it! Sorry if that makes me sound like a terrible guest...

  • Pf2016Pf2016 Posts: 725 New bride

    I think it sounds expensive. Tbh if I got a tea spoon, I would make the effort to take it home because its something personal to you. But once home, it would sit in a drawer and be ignored until I next cleared out the drawer, then I'd be annoyed about it and feel bad about chucking it away.

    I've only ever had favours once at a wedding. Chopsticks (the bride was Chinese.) That was a good favour because its useful. I don't know why there is a expectation to provide them though. You're already spending a hefty sum feeding and lubricating your guests. They don't need a present that, as the others say, will quite possibly get left on the table because it won't fit in their handbag.

  • MrsG2bxxMrsG2bxx Posts: 868

    Thank you all so much for your suggestions I really appreciate it and have made a note of all of your ideas.

    EnglishRoseInLove your wedding favors are beautiful.

    SadSack83 I really love your idea of having a little heart engraved rather than the date and initials! I hadn't thought of that and I really like that idea.

    SammyKate the hot chocolate looks amazing! very indulgent and I couldn't see any of those being left behind! I'd just be taking home all the leftovers! haha!!


  • Why do you have to step away from your theme?

    I know cost is always an issue, but surely the theme can be achieved in a cheapish way?  I've seen these images below on pinterest:

    Romantic Teapot  Floral Teacup Centerpiece - Faux Roses, Pearls - Alice in Wonderland Bridal Shower, Mad Hatter Tea Party - Ready to Ship:Macaroons are great with Tea. There is a great Macaroon bakery at the Fairview Farmers Market.:Pretty Pink Vintage Wedding via Kara's Party Ideas | teacup and saucer display:Flowers in teacups... hanging:

    Some of the above you can do yourself - look on ebay for vintage tea cups/pots (or raid older relatives kitchens) and buy some silk flowers (Country Baskets is usually a good source).  In the images above there aren't too many flowers so a good florist shouldn't charge too much for fresh ones - especially if you provide the teapots/cups!  Anything hanging though I'd recommend fakes potentially.

    Also there are other things that you can do relatively cheaply to give it the afternoon tea feel:

     Vintage tea party wedding cake. Shabby Chic Garden Outdoor Wedding!:VINTAGE TEA PARTY PAPER CHAIN KIT:

    I think the spoons are a lovely idea and given the cost I'm sure people would take them - you need to be clear that they are the wedding favour though and not part of the cutlery.  

    You just need to ensure people get that they are part of the theme.


  • MrsG2bxxMrsG2bxx Posts: 868

    Gemma173 I LOVE these ideas!! now I want the tea party theme again!!! in love with it all!!

    I decided to not have a theme only because all of the vintage / tea party bits like centre pieces are all low to the table, which looks lovely in some venues but my reception is in a huge marquee with very high ceilings and I feel that we need tall centre pieces so that the decoration isn't completely washed out, I just had trouble finding any tall bits to fit the theme so just did away with it.

    This is what we are thinking of having now



    but I suppose I could replace the items on the mirror plate with little tea cups as you have suggested!! that would work!

    The macaroon favours!! I am so glad that I have seen this! I was already going to have macaroons...but to be brought out with teas and coffees on a cake stand but I really like this idea!! I love the hanging ideas too but I wouldn't know how to hang them or what from? I have little white gate type things for dividers to section the dance floor while we eat and I hadn't even thought about decorating those or utilising them! now I am super excited!!


  • image

    What about personalised wooden spoons and/or tea towels??

    I supply both and the spoons can be hand stamped with your guests' names, doubling up as place names, and I attach your favourite 'family' recipe to the spoon which makes it really personal. 'From the kitchen of the new Mr & Mrs Bloggs' etc.

    Spoons are £3.50 each and tea towels, including bespoke design, £4 each. 

    The tea towels are great gifts for the in laws too as they can be framed for posterity.

    If you want more details get in touch...





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