Common Land / Park Reception ... anyone?

deecydeecy Posts: 7,493
Ok, I have a mother who's not very keen on 70 people trampling her garden which was our 1st choice of reception venue - an outdoors bbq in June 2008

So brainwave a few days ago, why not have it at our local park/open space/common ?

We wanted something informal, think picnic.

Everyone bring their own food/drink

We'll supply Ice Cream Man

Games for adults and kids - giant rounders!

The place is Hartham Common, in Hertford. It is in between our venue and our house. About a 10 minute walk from us.

It has a car park, toilets, loads and loads of open grass, a designated picnic area, a kids play area, a river, a swimming pool & tennis courts.

So does anyone think this is a good idea?

Can anyone think of a reason why we couldn't do it there?

I looked up the regs and it states that whilst common land has a landlord and is owned but the public can enjoy it as the owner would, including the use for sports and pastimes


  • florasukflorasuk Posts: 269
    Hi Deecy

    You're getting hitched at Ware Priory aren't you - why not have a picnic in the grounds there on the far side of the river where the bandstand is?

    If you def. want it at the park you mentioned its probably best to ring up the local council and check its ok, they might have certain rules about gatherings/parties there.

    Cookiecat x
  • BeckstarukBeckstaruk Posts: 94
    Hi Deecy

    I agree with cookiecat, you will need to contact your local council. There is all sorts of red tape when organising outside events, such as liability insurances, alcolhol regs (some councils have banned alcohol in public places), also health and safety regs and noise regs (sorry if I sound like a party pooper, but the company I work for has a lot to do with Health and Safety). I think it's a lovely idea and hope you would be allowed to do it, but I don't think its just a simple case of setting up on the lawns and away you go, also, there is always one little killjoy out there who could complain to the police/council and your whole day could be ruined. I hope your council are abiding and let you go for it, as it looks like a lovely place.


  • deecydeecy Posts: 7,493
    Yes, Ware Priory was where we were going to have our CP but in the end decided on Hertford Register Office for no particular reason other than it's closer, and cheaper (such a romantic) There wouldn't be any alcohol as such as we don't drink but people might bring some I guess. I'll defintiely give them a ring and ask, though I won't mention the W word!
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