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Completely Avoid Baylis House!

I would STRONGLY recommend NEVER booking anything with Baylis House especially if you are considering a wedding or reception here.

We had our Indian Wedding and Reception at Baylis House.

From our initial meeting with one of the sales reps – Mya, all the way through to the event on the day we were consistently given false information and clearly lied to in regards to what equipment and services would be provided which was clearly stated on our agreed contract.

Some of these instances are as follows:

- The entrance hall was not cleared of the previous functions rubbish until just before Indian wedding had started, some guests had seen this.

- The breakfast before the Indian Wedding was served 2 hours late.

- Indian ceremony was cut short due to the time wasted waiting for breakfast.

- There was no staff available on the day of the wedding to help guide guests in the right direction.

- The wedding cake was cut in large lazy lumps and dumped in the middle of each table for guests to help themselves but no cutlery was provided.

- Tables were cleared before guests had a chance to finish their cake and alcoholic drinks therefore wasting the money we had spent on both.

- Staff disposed of personalised wedding favours costing a £900 loss to ourselves halfway through the reception before anyone had a chance to take them home.

- The staff tried to steal our wedding cake knife of which we finally got back but did steal all the table and head table decorations which were expensive crystals and butterfly decorations.

- The bar was contracted to close at 5.30pm but was actually closed at 5pm. Te bar lady actually refused to serve many of our guests. She then proceeded to serve drinks from a trolley she had loaded up all the boxes on drinks on!-

- 1 hour before our reception was due to end, Baylis House staff had allowed complete strangers in to our function room to set up for their own function which was booked after ours. So staff removed all of our decorations as guests we still eating and dancing to set up in essence pushing us out before the party had a chance to finish at the contracted time.

- Empty alcohol bottles were not returned as stated so no knowledge of what was used or what might have been taken by staff

- The cake and signing table were not provided until the beginning of the reception after having to chase the staff!

- A platform for the head table was not provided for the reception

- No beer was provided as stated

- Name of the Bride was spelt incorrectly

- The agreed backdrop for the reception was not provided

- Old damaged bridal chairs were provided for the reception

- There was no “go to” person to walk you through the day and advise on times of every part

- The welcome sign was grammatically incorrect

- There is never any management available

Baylis House sales rep MYA KASIM repeatedly lied about every part she had sold us as part of the wedding package we paid for just for her to make a sale. She is the most unethical unprofessional person I have ever had to deal with.

Baylis House has a no cancellation process in place. Once you sign, you have no way of breaking the contract even when the fault is theirs.

Baylis House did not provided the goods and services that was promised and contracted and are clearly in breech of contract. When we made a complaint of this, we were completely ignored by the whole management  team including the Directors.  Shahzad has no management capabilities and dealt with this in the most improper manner unmanageable.

Our whole special day was completely ruined by the total neglect and complete unprofessionally of the team at Baylis House.


  • Sarah398Sarah398 Posts: 266

    OMG! I'm soo angry for you.

    Cant you do something small claims wise against them?

    Perhaps we should all get together & do a demonstration march outside the venue - lol! 

  • Thanks Sarah the claim is in process - just dont want anyones big day ruined by the staff @ Baylis House x

  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride

    Can't believe they started setting up for the next event around you! That's just awful.

  • Karen62Karen62 Posts: 244

    You poor thing, this is a hideous catastrophe of events, I'm so sorry your day was affected.

    I hope you & your husband still managed to enjoy your day. As suggested they should compensate you for the failings & sounds like they had no respect for you & hubby or your familes as customers. 

    I do hope you will able to look back on things & laugh one day!! Huggs kxx 

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