Is it too late?

Hi everyone, just looking for opintions and experiences...

Soo we got married in sept 16 in Mexico and planned to have a recpetion in october 16. My now husband was suffering with anxiety to the point our reception had to be cancelled as he wanted to focus himself on the wedding as he was already a worried flyer..

Now he is better enough to want a reception again but is it too late. I really want one but i dont want people talking behind our back saying we should of just left it... anything like this happened to anyone else, how long after a wedding abroad is to long to have a reception? 


Thanks x


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    I think normally most couples host a reception within a month or two of getting married abroad/eloping. Had you invited everyone to your cancelled evening reception? If so, I'm sure they wouldn't find it strange to be invited again! I think you need to time it right though - saying to people, 'Come and celebrate our wedding even though it was seven months ago!' is a little random. 

    Why don't you consider an evening reception on/close to your one year anniversary? It will probably create a better 'celebration' vibe as your year anniversary is quite a poignant one! x

  • We hadnt sent our invites out but all our family and friends where aware we had one and cancelled it. I did think of waiting untill sept but i start a new job then say may do it in august when im on annual leave? 

    Tbh everyone who is going knows the situation as my husband was extremly ill and it woukdnt of been possible then. 

    A part of me is saying people can say what they want we wana celebrate with damily and friends who couldnt be there but then i dont want it to look daft, i wanted to wear my dress but would that look silly if we hve it in august? 

    If we did do it the invites would say wedding celebration not reception....

    Its so confusing haha 

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