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Cake Canapes too much??

JJPJJP Posts: 34

Hi all, this is my first post.

We have had the wedding booked for about 4 weeks now & steaming on with planning. Mostly gathering ideas at this point. We have all the "main bits" booked.

We got a package with venue so our wedding breakfast is all sorted, though we havn't yet chosen the meal options. Its 3 courses, with coffee & chocolates at the end, so 4 courses if you like?

Our ceremony is at 1pm with the meal being served at 3.30pm. So potentially looking at 2hrs inbetween. We have a drinks package, where all guests get one drink after the ceremony - chosing a prosecco.

We are wondering weather or not to go with canapes. Having looked at other posts on here, i don't think that they are too expensive, at first i thought it was a lot of extra unneccessary money. At £5.95 per person (60persons) we would be looking at £357.

I have had the idea of doing a mini kind of afternoon tea (but just cake) as this is something H2B and I enjoy together often. A little display of cute china tea cups, flowers and miniture cakes (sister would bake them for us). We could do this at the end of the drinks table, opposite a roaring fire. People could have the choice of prossecco or tea, (some family members are non drinkers anyway) with a couple of little cakes each, some mini cupcakes with swirly iceing, mini chocolate cakes, carrot cake, then maybe some mini biscuits or fruit tarts. 

Had feedback from one family member that serving cake before a 4 course meal is silly, but they would be very small & its just nibbles, not like going into a cafe and having a full slab of cake. 

I could personally eat cake ANYTIME. but then again, thats why im on slimming world ha ha! 

What does everyone think?


  • NozomiNozomi Posts: 161

    We're having crepes as our canape and as our pudding so I would say go for it! It's your day, have what you want and enjoy - everyone else (IMO) is there to be part of what you have created and I feel it should celebrate the two of you. 

    You could always offer a savoury option, perhaps some sausage rolls and a cheeseboard or something, for those those that aren't a fan of sweet. We are doing some savoury crepe options to give people a choice. 

    I do think you should have some sort of food because starting at 1pm people might have had a late breakfast but probably aren't going to have had lunch prior to arriving so a little nibble would probably be much appreciated! 

  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride

    Yep- it's your wedding so if you want mini cakes, have them! You're not going to be forcing them down people's throats, if they don't want them they can leave them.

    I'm having the same timing- ceremony at 1pm and meal at 3.30. Our venue includes nuts and crisps to nibble in the package but we are considering having an ice cream van as well. This will be cheaper than canapes and would go well in (hopefully) sunny June! I think it's a good idea to provide something- 3.30 is a late lunch even if you've had a decent breakfast, and better to have guests thinking 'I don't need all this food' than 'I'm starving where's all the food!'

  • Jenni8Jenni8 Posts: 3,201

    I agree definitely to go for it! I think your guests would love it  My timing is not dissimilar....1230pm ceremony and 1530 food. I am planning on serving my reception drinks and canapes pretty much as soon as we come out of the ceremony at about 13.15-13.20pm and do the photos after at 14.30pm....most people do the opposite but I am doing this to ensure that my guests are hungry again by 1530! Maybe something you could think about - there are pros and cons to both ways.

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  • I would push forward the dinner a bit if I was you, that way you won't have to serve so much (or any) evening food.   Would love tea and cakes directly following the ceremony!  

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