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Help... Bridesmaid speech pressure

hi ladies

i have been given the task of doing a bridesmaid speech for my sisters wedding. 

My dad isnt one for standing in front of people and making speeches and instead of putting in necessary pressure on my dad, my sister has asked me to do a speech. 

the thing is I don't know where to start and I'm very anxious about thiS as I too am not one for standing in front of people and talking. 

please please if any of you have any templates or ideas I'm hoping you could share these with me to help me do a speech she won't forget 

thanks in advance ladies xxxx


  • Sophie177Sophie177 Posts: 190

    Hi Leannr!

    Golly that seems a little unfair relieving your dad of the pressure of one of the most important speeches and passing it to you!

    Have you taken a look at the planning section of the You  & Your Wedding website (top of this page on the left!)  There seems to be quite a few bits and bobs there :)

    Im sure your speech will be fabulous - perhaps you could literally do the Sister Of The Bride speech, instead of the FoB speech... ie if you're an older sister, maybe a humouress anecdote of when she was little, do the usual thanks, toast to the happy couple etc?

    Hope that helps!




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  • Kate186Kate186 Posts: 92

    I agree, forcing someone to do a full blown speech just because it's the big day is not particularly kind. But I get the impression you're really trying to relieve the pressure from your dad which is admirable. My dad is also not one for speeches but I'm not going to respond to that by making my brother do it.

    What is it about doing speeches that scares you the most? Is it talking about your sister? Standing up in front of lots of people? Or something else?

    If it's number 1 than yeah the planning tip will help, maybe also making a spider diagram of the funny times you've had together will help you think of the way to do it.

     if it's standing up in front of people, is there someone else you can do a co-speech with? Maybe another bridesmaid or an aunt or something? There's some great examples of that and takes some of the pressure away. Also try to think about it as telling your future brother in law things about your sister that make you happy, or laugh, rather than trying to entertain a crowd.

  • Charlotte237Charlotte237 Posts: 274 New bride

    Are you the only bridesmaid or are there others? If there are others, can you get together with them for some planning/inspiration/funny stories? I agree with the above poster; don't try and make it a replacement FOB speech: make it a sister/MOH speech instead. Kind of equivalent to a best man speech. My own MOH will probably be saying something at my wedding and I know she'll tell a bunch of funny stories. If you don't feel comfortable, backing up what you're saying with a slideshow of funny child pictures of your sister would be a good way of taking the focus off yourself - people will be busy awwww-ing and laughing at the pictures on the slideshow instead of looking at you! It doesn't have to be long either - I think 3-5 mins is a good length of time as people get bored!

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