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Father Daughter Dance?

CE26CE26 Posts: 351 New bride

To be honest I figured I'd have a dance with my Dad on my wedding day at some point, but I hadn't planned to have a specific song or make any kind of 'come look' announcement. 

Turns out my Dad had hoped we'd do something specific and found a song he quite liked (one of these special father/daughter creations).

I'm not keen on the song and would rather do something a little more low key that can be blended into the evening, but that still has the same sentiment in the lyrics perhaps.

Is anyone else having a specific father/daughter dance, if so, any ideas on songs? 


  • Chevs85Chevs85 Posts: 52

    Hi! My dad was the same and sent me a list of songs he wanted to dance too... Our band said it's often the dad who asks for this 😊. Having done it I'm really glad we did... It was a very typical father daughter dance (Tim McGraw my little girl) but we put it just at the start of the bands second set therefore people got up again ready to dance. it worked well and we got some fab photos from it too 😊

  • I think you should give your dad the opportunity and let him have a spotlight dance... I think FOTB's often get left out on the big day; so just allow him this one thing. 

  • VickySCVickySC Posts: 56

    I'm not doing it, I have two dads and I favour one much more than the other so all in all it would be two awkward. It's hard enough to find a song for the first dance!

  • I hadn't considered this at all, but its a brilliant idea! :) 

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