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Music lovers I need your help

my partner and myself would really like a Bangor our reception but were desperately after a specific style. 

we we love the watling street band but they're already booked for our date and we're struggling to find anything similar. 

Does anyone one know of a similar style band that won't blow the budget. Any recommendations? 




  • Hi Wild17!

    Have you tried We've got loads of great acts, including some quirky instrumental lineups so I'm sure we'd be able to help find you something similar to the Watling Street Band.

    Let me know how you get on and feel free to pm with any questions.



  • Hello Wild17.

    Take a look at We've built up a small roster of great bands / acts, and perhaps you'll find something there that takes your fancy.

    You can contact us by email, PM on here or even direct live chat from our website.

    Speak soon hopefully.




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