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Has anyone else had any problems with their seating plans?

I have quite a large group of girlfriends and whilst I would like to sit them all together I am not able to. H2B and I sat down one night with individual name cards for each of our guests and did mock table plans. In order to get them all together we would've had to have seated people together who don't get on and the last thing we want on our big day is an atmosphere. In the end we decided to split the group in 2.

Then one of my friends (who happens to be single) said to me the other week "we are all sat together aren't we?". I just said we hadn't sorted out the table plans properly yet and I would do my best but it was hard to please everyone". I have managed to dodge the question since with her but I can just imagine her face when she sees the table plan on the day.

3 of the group are single and I have put 2 together and the other one on a different table with her cousin and her partner but I just know it's going to cause problems.

Sorry if I'm going on and not making sense but just wondered if anyone else had experienced similar problems and what you have done to solve them. At the end of the day it's only for a couple of hours and it's not as if they don't know anyone else.



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    I agree, it's only for a couple of hours and if they knew what a headache arranging a seating plan was, I'm sure they'd understand.

    After all, it's only really for the meal then after that, everyone mingles anyway. As long as sh'e with someone she knows, I can't see it being a problem.

    I say just go with what you both agree on because it's your day at the end of it.

  • leafyukleafyuk Posts: 2,182
    I think everyone finds table plans a bit of a nightmare. There's always at least one person who doesn't fit and one who is being demanding about where they sit!

    I have a suggestion for you which I am not sure will help or not, but hey it might give you an idea! I read in a magazine an interview with a "wedding planner to the stars" saying that he likes to get people to move to another table for the dessert course, to surprise people and shake it up a bit, add a bit of fun and originality and unpredictablility and energy to the room. Well, H2B and I decided that we are going to get people to change seats for EVERY course! This way no one gets stuck next to boring old aunt Mavis (or whoever!!) for 2 hours, and people get to meet others, and it's fun, etc. It also makes it easier on us, because we know that certain people will want to sit next to each other, and this way we can make sure it happens at least once during the meal!!!

    How are we doing it? On the place cards, we are writing 3 numbers on the back - the first one is the table they go to for the entree, the second number is the table they go to for the main, and the third number is the table nunber where they go for dessert. However, it is easy for us because we are only having 70 guests and they are all having the same meal!! If you're not, then perhaps you could just stick with the idea of changing them for the dessert course only.

    We are getting the MC/Toastmaster to announce when everyone should change, so that it's not chaos!! image
  • Leafy - what a great idea. I am definately going to have a think about that one. We are only have 53 people so it should be easy enough to do. Thanks for that suggestion.....I might be able to keep everyone happy after all......or maybe not!! xx
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    I think its fine to split them up as long as a few of them are together at each table. Its good to mingle anyway! I am sure they will understand as they are your friends, and it is only for a couple of hours anyway. Try not to stress about it too much!

  • I don't know when your wedding is, but I just stumbled on this. Another suggestion would be to have them split into two different tables, but have those two tables by eachother.
  • i have a feeling this is going to be hard for me too have family that dont get on so going to try and sit them far enough apart.

    Should be fun when it comes to planning xx
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