Pets at the wedding?

Hi Everyone, 

My other half and I are having the next few nights in just watching the fireworks from our bedroom. Pretty normal for us really, but as its bonfire season, we will be cuddling our 9 month Golden Retriever to keep him calm. It's his first firework season, so we don't know how he will react to the bangs and whizzers. He is normally quite a chilled out pup, but its got me thinking if anyone is including their dog/pet in their wedding? 

Thought it might be nice to share and hear your ideas on including your fur babies! 

Riley, our Golden, will sort of be at our reception, along with my parent's two German Shepherds, as our wedding is on my parent's farm. But I don't trust him enough to let him out of the pen to great us as he loves to jump up! I might buy the boys a bow tie to put on their collars and the girl a pretty bow. 

What are you doing? x


  • NikkiMNikkiM Posts: 1,653 New bride

    We'd love our dog to come but he also loves to jump up and a potentially wet March day + Ivory wedding dress + muddy paws is not something I want to experience. Unfortunately he'll be in a kennel for the night. Everyone we know and trust will be at the wedding so it was our only option.

  • We would be using kennels if our wedding wasn't on the farm. I will be sending one of the groomsmen to let them out for a play for a bit whilst we are occupied inside. 

  • Sarah671Sarah671 Posts: 457

    I went to a wedding back in August and their two dogs came to the church and walked down the aisle with the bridesmaids. I personally thought it was brilliant and especially loved it when the organ player (don't know the correct term) played how much is that doggy in the window and the theme song from babe 😂 the dogs were very well behaved! I couldn't have main there, mainly because we get married abroad but I also wouldn't trust her not to be naughty and pull someone over lol! 

  • Dora3Dora3 Posts: 1,218

    I really wanted my parents dogs at my wedding (They have 3) I could have them in the ceremony but they arent allowed where we will be having the meal 😩 So we have a dog sitter for the day and then we head to another venue for the evening do which is dog friendly. We will have potentially 7 dogs for the evening and my mum is going to make bandanas for them all in my colour scheme. I'm so excited.

    We are also meeting our photographer back at our evening venue so it means I can get some pro pics with my man and the doggies. 

  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    Not for me, I like animals but it just seems like too much inconvenience. Animal hair, paw prints, potential fog farts or arse licking at exactly the worst moment, poo or wee, plus somebody has to baby sit the animal and make sure it behaves and isnt stealing food or disappearing into the sunset etc. Just seems too much hassle for no gain to me, except for a pic of a dog in a flower crown or something (shortly before eating the flowers???)

  • We are having our little cocker spaniel Benny to our big day, he's not coming to the church but when we leave the church we are going via my parents house to collect him & he is driving down with us to the venue in the Rolls Royce, I am super excited about this as no guests no this is happening.

    Benny will nearly be two by our wedding, he's a very chilled out dog & I am planning for my dad to take him for a big dog walk in the morning. We are getting married in Aug17 so as long as it isn't wet and muddy I don't mind him jumping up, but we are working on this with him.

    As he loves being around people so much he isn't likely to walk off at the venue, but I am going to assign a family member to keep an eye on him and take him back to bed early on around 9pm or so.



  • Of course, it is better if your pets will also attend the wedding. and will be captured in photographs
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