Wedding Breakfast- Should we offer guests a choice?

Hi Ladies,

Hoping someone will be able to help us to decide on our wedding catering dilemma.

We are fortunate enough to be able to offer our guests a choice of starter and main at no extra cost with our caterers. Initially I thought this would be a great idea, who would't want to choose their meal!? But now I'm starting to have doubts...

Will this slow down our meal service? We have 120 guests and I'm worried about over-complicating the process of getting the food out. 

Has anyone experienced any problems with giving guests a choice of food? Did it lead to a over-running on the wedding breakfast timings or even worse, grumpy guests?!


  • I personally don't think this will be an issue as most caterers will require you to submit people's choices prior to the day. My venue needs the menu choices a month before the big day to ensure they have the correct level of food etc. The co-coordinator also will be documenting choices onto the final table plan so that she will know exactly where each meal needs to go. At the end of the day there will be 120 meals being cooked regardless of what it is so as long as they know what they are cooking they should have no issues, especially as they've obviously done it before or else they wouldn't offer it :)

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    Shouldn't cause any issues and it's great to offer people a choice if there's no extra charge to you. It's a good idea to write each guests choices on their place card as they will likely have forgotten what they ordered!

  • Bunny87Bunny87 Posts: 180

    I agree. If it's no extra cost offer guests a choice, but definitely make a note somewhere of what people have ordered!

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    I agree, I went to a wedding once where there was a choice, we had to choose quite a few weeks before. I got chilli, it was lovely and much more to my taste than the typical roast.

    It will make your guests happy and wont cost you anything, go for it!

  • I was at a wedding last year and there were two choices for all three courses.  We Chose from the menu on the day. Didn't seem any problems. There was about 80 at the meal.  I asked OH who is a chef and he said there might be a delay If there was 200+ for the meal. 

    But if your worried I'd make sure people give their choices beforehand. 

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    No it wont cause problems. If they offer it then they are well used to it. Just make sure you are organised with getting requests in (with the invite RSVP) and inform the caterers with a good couple of weeks to go how many orders there are of each, then produce a table plan with peoples choices for them to put in the kitchen so they know how many to send out (i.e. when they go out with table 1 they know to plate up 5 beef 3 chicken for example), and then put on peoples placenames what they are having so that the waiters know where to put each plate.

  • Thanks so much everyone! Super helpful and everything you've said makes perfect sense. I was clearly just having a wedding wobble! We will go with the choices! :) Thanks! x

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