So I am very confused about the order of the speeches. 

We're having quite a few people give (short!) speeches:

1) My maids of honour

2) My dad

3) The best man

4) Myself, to do the traditional thank yous, etc. 

What order should they go in?! Best man goes last, right? Do I go first? In the middle? Any order I come up with seems wrong... help appreciated!


  • MrsE2016MrsE2016 Posts: 1,208 New bride

    I thin traditionally the Best Man goes last but apart from that you can choose whatever order suits you!

    I went first... then my Dad, then my Husband, then the best man.

  • NikkiMNikkiM Posts: 1,653 New bride

    Traditionally it's FOB, groom then best man. However, you can do whatever you want. We're following tradition but my MoH wants to do a speech so she's going after the FOB.

  • Jenni8Jenni8 Posts: 3,201

    I'd do your dad, you, MOH, Best man.

  • LeeLawLeeLaw Posts: 107 New bride

    I find it so odd that the best man goes last, not sure why though.

    I think we are doing - MOB & MOG joint speech, best man, then groom. 

  • Thanks for the suggestions, all! Very helpful <3 

  • Katherine66Katherine66 Posts: 1,234

    You are so lucky , i want to give one but im not allowed!!!  


    Bedt man went last to thank bridesmaids and give flowers to mob and mog.   Dad goes first then normally groom to say how much he loves you and thank mob and fob And guests for coming.     I think if i were allowed i would go after my man who is giving me away and the froom then i could answer him and return the thank you marrying me bit.  


    Not sure why chief bridesmaid is saying one?  Obviously your choice. 


  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    My maid of honour wants to do a speech but Ive said no, I wouldnt trust her one bit 😂

    I think father of the bride first, then you, then maids of honour, then best man.

    I think the best man speech is meant to be the best and funniest so it ends of a cheeky fun note. 


    Katherine - why are you not allowed to do a speech? Its your wedding, if you want to do it nobody can tell you not to!

  • I echo MrsJ - if you want to speak, speak! I'm a passionate feminist so it was very important to me to have an equal number of male and female speakers. Also my h2b hates public speaking! 

  • Jenni8Jenni8 Posts: 3,201
    Katherine66 wrote (see post):

    You are so lucky , i want to give one but im not allowed!!!  


    What?! How are you not allowed? It is your wedding, do as you wish! And maybe have a little more tact when judging other peoples choices.

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