Table planning fun!

So i just told my daughter i was busy doing seating plan.   I meant for my classes, she thought i meant the wedding!  I swear she is more excited than me!!


how are all your plans coming on? I have a kind of first draft but nit all replies in yet. 


  • Same as you really, not got all replies back yet, but have done a rough draft up.

    Might be having to fit more people in as H2Bs dad is asking why we haven't more of his side, I don't want too many there for the ceremony and I barely know them (don't think H2B is bothered if they come) Plus his mum and dad are split and his mum said they've not really supported him whne he was growing up etc so tis abit awkward.

    I did say to him how often have you had birthday cards or Christmas cards from them (pretty sure never is the answer to that.

    Not helped is the fact we are trying to organise wedding for end of April this year and still got loads left to do :/   

  • Katherine66Katherine66 Posts: 1,234

    Oh gosh it all does get very awkward with relatives.  How many do you have going? We have around 80 invited including the children but 22 down so far.


      My fiance has no mum or dad and no family at all but does have some very close friends. Hes really not good at social events either so had to put all his friends around him.  Ive literally nearly every person i know going except my boss!:).

     weve also got aristocracy coming to whom we have to be very careful where they sit they are very important to us.  


    I have step parents to so have to keep them apart! 


    Let me know how you get on.


  • I m leaving my fiancé to do the table planning as he volunteered to do it :) 

  • Futuremrsb95 wrote (see post):

    I m leaving my fiancé to do the table planning as he volunteered to do it :) 

    Perhaps I should delegate this task to him lol :)

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