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Hiya girls,

We have just looked at the most gorgeous wedding reception venue but the only way we can afford it is to not have an evening buffet (£20 a head).We are only having about 30 extra to the night do and are hoping not to have the sit down meal until 5ish plus we're having canapes during the photographs and a chocolate fountain at night and we're giving the kids lunch box type things straight after church. Do you think people would think it was a bit stingy? I went to a wedding last week and there was a big buffet at night and hardly anyone touched it because we were all still full up. Help, I want everyone to enjoy the reception and don't know what to do! xx


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    Hi Hon,

    I agree with you buffet is a waste of money as people do not touch it - perhaps your venue could do platters of bacon sarnies? I am getting my venue to do this - easier to eat and much cheaper!

    Or if not - consider nothing. They can eat the wedding cake if they are still hungry!

    People will have a great time no matter what you decide to do. They are their because they love you and your H2B not to fill up on food!



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    We're having 70 to the daytime and another 20 to the evening. Our meal is going out at 17.30, so we weren't sure whether to have a buffet either. Ours is much cheaper though (£8/head for stovies), so we've decided to cater for 50 people for the buffet as people will be full from the daytime I think. We're serving the wedding cake then too.

    £20/head for an evening buffet sounds like an awful lot - have you asked if they can do anything cheaper and then cater for half the guests? Are you serving your wedding cake in the evening? Maybe you could just serve the cake?

    People won't be expecting anything other than to have a good evening celebrating with you, and they can buy some crisps at the bar if they're still hungry!
  • We had exactly same issue! Great to hear other peoples thoughts. We are having 140/160 guests during the day. We are not inviting separate people in the evening as we decided we will just have those that we really want to be there and run straight through.

    Like a couple of you we will not be eating until 5/5.30 where we will be having a traditional wedding breakfast.

    My way of thinking is that usually during a normal day, you have brekkie, lunch and dinner. We are not getting married until 2.30 so people can have an early lunch. I can't see people being hungry again at 7.30/8pm.

    For those that are inviting separate people in the night. I do not think that a buffet is expected. People will have had some form of food before leaving the house and will only be picking because it's there. If they are hungry they could always buy some nuts etc. I like Rockchick's idea of serving up cake too.

    My sister said she went to a wedding the other day where they just served cheese and bicuits platters which went down very well.

    Personally, i do not think it is stingy. People know the costs of weddings nowadays. Sounds to me that your guests will be very well catered for xx

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    Hi there girls!

    we were in the same position and decided to serve up pizzas off the venues bar menu at around 9pm. this is working out at a fraction of the cost of a buffet - the cheese and bics sound great too and of course the cake.

    I am doing an american style candy buffet at evening too so everyone can fill up on that and its a bit of entertainment too!
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    Hi girls,

    Thanks for all your advice, glad I'm not the only one to not be sure on the evening food! I am so loving the idea of an American candy style buffet! You should copyright your ideas from me, I seem to be nicking loads since I joined this website!

    I thought £20 was a lot too plus they are charging alot for exclusive hire and you still have to guarantee that you will use 22 bedrooms, maybe I should rethink the venue?!

    I hadn't thought of serving the cake at night, that sounds like a much better idea! Thanks! xxx
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    i guess if you love it then its okay but it might be worth shopping around??

    we were gonna pay thousands and promise to fill bedrooms at a lovely place but we asked the manager of our local bar/restaurant and he has been so accomodating considering all we are paying for is food and drink! sometimes you just have to think outside the box a little xx
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    Its funny you say that, we were looking at all the usual hotels etc but someone has recommended a local farm family centre thing which has a restaurant upstairs with beams and big balconies looking over the grounds and lakes, so much cheaper but no accommodation! At the end of the day though, as long as its near to accommodation surely that would be good enough! Think I'm worrying too much about pleasing everyone! Where are you getting married?x
  • hey

    That sounds very expensive for sn evening buffet indeed.

    I have to say I think a bit of food is expected in the evening especially for those just invited for that bit.

    MIL2b got married last year and she only catered for 50 out of the 100 evening guests and the food ran out. They had it put out ay 9.30 and by the time we went up there at 9.45 was nothing left and we were hungrey.

    We are having a huge cheese board in the evening so it will be like an extension of the meal. I also think bacon sarnies or pizza sound great too.

    Also my sister had a pig roast for her evening do and I think they do different amounts for varying costs depending on the number of guests.

    I think it;s worth baring in mind as alot of the day guests will have been drinking throughout the day and might well get hungrey.

  • Hi all. I couldn't believe what places were charging. We have to have a buffet during the day as there are so many people in h2b family with food issues. We thought for the evening to do the cheese and french bread thing with grapes. Like you guys I feel that most will have eaten their fill but that little something will keep my olds happy.
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    Hi we are the same, we are having a 4 course meal at 4.30pm. We didnt think that anyone would want to start easting again at 7.30 after eating so much and the prices where such a waist of money. But we thought that people just invited to the evening might think its odd not having food. We was going to invite 60 to the day and an extra 60 to the evening. Instead we are just inviting 90 to the whole lot. We have also decided to have a choc fountain at the evening part just incase anyone does get hungry, but we have been able to do this ourself so that has kept cost down.
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    we're lucky in that the pub where we are having our reception is doing a huge buffet, and also the square where the pub is, there is a fish & chip shop, and a chinese takeaway, and we could always order pizza, which personally I'm quite crossing my fingers for. image local free newspapers always have offers on, and there are leaflets every other day with offers too
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    Hi Lauzjp,

    Your reception sounds like it will be brilliant, thats such a good idea ordering pizza in, bet everyone would love it! Just spoken to our caterers who are going to sort out chips in cones for us and we're going to arrange an old fashioned ice cream van instead of a chocolate fountain! x
  • lauzjplauzjp Posts: 102
    Thanks Mrs Cawthra2b, I hope all goes well for you - I've asked the ice cream man who is usually around daily to pop by every hour or so too ;-D
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    Our guests will probably put on about a stone during our wedding days the way we're filling them up! Oh well, hopefully they won't forget it! Good Luck with all the planning!xxx
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    We're having the meal at 4.30 & no evening buffet - I've warned the evening guests so if they haven't eaten it's their fault! We were going to just have cheese & biscuits & crisps in the evening - our caterers suggested it. Though am loving the pizza idea...there is a pizza hut just down the road...!
  • lauzjplauzjp Posts: 102
    pizza - hot, cheap food, caters for veggies, often on buy one get one free deals especially if you can get someone to go pick them up image I'd give some pizza places a phone call or pop in there first though, before the deluge of 'can I have 4 veggie supremes, 10 meat eaters' etc. LOL!
  • We're having a small evening buffet as our hotel wanted to charge us £950 room hire, or we got free room hire if we bought £950 of buffet. I think it's a good idea to have a bit of food available if people are drinking but there's no need to go mad if you're already served up three courses! xxx
  • i have been to 3 wedding party in 4 month 1 with no food which i did not notice until we were all talking the next day, 1 with a huge buffet that about 10 to 20 people used and, 1 that served sausage and chips the sausage and chips went down a treat. I really would not woory about food as people are more interested in the drink and they could get a packet of crisps from the bar.
  • We are having bacon butties and chips at our evening reception. The cost of a buffet in the evening was pretty expensive, and to be honest after asking friends and family that is what most people want after a few drinks!
  • lauzjplauzjp Posts: 102
    goodness, our venue (The Parrot pub, Luton) did such a fab spread that we had quite a bit of food left over for the next day when the pub lays on a spread for the regulars! image
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    im having mine at a country pub. the land lady is brill, we are having a marque in the garden with a bar and champane and canapes (sp?) on arival for 70 wich she said they will keep coming for 2 hours if poeple keep eating and then a hog and lamb roast for 150 in the evening. the whole reception is costing around £4000 whicj i think is fab. its def worth thinking outside the box and having a look at pubs ect, ask if they do it they can only say no and you mite end up with something much more unique
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    Where you getting married Mrs Scho, might nick your venue! One of the venues has agreed to do bacon rolls at night at a fiver each, must be the best bacon, bread and tomato sauce in the world!xx
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    hi we are not having an evening buffet. We are not intending on getting married until around 4 so would not eat till about 6. People will still be full and we wont be having many to an evening due. And if they think its strange - tough luck im paying!!

  • jacquelienejacqueliene Posts: 6,350
    mrs cawthra

    we are having our reception at the dog inn in warwickshire, id be happy to give you the fone number if you think you mite like to have a chat to them
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    Thanks Mrs Scho but I live in Oxfordshire so maybe a bit too far. Keep finding venues that are just a bit too far away but look perfect but as I am getting married in a church in the village I grew up in, reception venue needs to be near by or all of my guests will get lost on way to reception and it'll just be me and hubby sat there looking like loners!xx
  • jacquelienejacqueliene Posts: 6,350
    its def worth askin land lords/ladies if they would do it for you

  • Our venue will not let you buy a buffet for part of the guests, all or nothing, if we had a buffet at 22.95 a head the room hire was £1000, a sit down meal for £65.00 a head, same room to hire £350. Venues have got you all ways, however much you think you're saving money, the venue will add it on somewhere else......
  • we found the same thing Saz it was £22.00 a head for the evening buffet and £35.00 a head for the wedding breakfast and then £17.00 a head for Drinks during the photos and all of this compulsory if you had the wedding at the hotel on a saturday. But if you booked from a friday wedding you only have to have one meal thats it no drinks or anything. we are just having the sit down meal for all our guests and then just doing our own chocolate fountain in the evening. they can all buy their own drinks image And we still get all the same perks as the Saturday weddings like free room hire, free linen, free cake stand and knifes and free wedding suite.
  • yup , the evening buffet where we are getting married is ok ! but some stuff i didnt like so i asked what else we could do , also he saw my face all scrunched up , so he said what about bacon butties !!! suit me !!!

    perfect !
  • I would never have an evening do, and not serve food, all the weddings i've been to have had something, whether it be sarnies, or a buffet. As it happens everyone will be at the wedding and the meal so we're just having sarnies and wedding cake at 10 ish.
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