Florist nightmare!

I chose my florist in December and I chose her because her flowers are so creative and beautiful. She's been really scatty over email and is unprofessional in the tone of her emails. I thought that's kind of fine because she's creative. Since then she's really set some alarm bells ringing: wants paying the rest in cash a month before the wedding and she posted a picture on her Instagram of a picture I sent her from my Pinterest board, and though didn't say she did it, she implied she had (I confronted her on it and she's since edited the text). I've since looked deeper into her reviews and they are all friends of hers on Facebook, for how incredible her flowers are I'm surprised more brides haven't tagged her in their wedding photos or left reviews. -should I expect brides to have done this?

Have I been an absolute mug and should I back out? I do think she'll turn up and do an great job (she does have some photos with her with her displays) I just think she has awful business sense, made worse by the fact she can do high end flowers but not the business skills to match. Needless to say if I go ahead I'll be mentioning this in my review.



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    If a supplier is posting pictures of other people's work and passing them off as their own then I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole. Are you totally 100% sure that the pictures of her with the displays are flowers that she has done? Have you met this lady in person, been to her studio, seen her in person with any of her floral creations? If she's so amazing then why wouldn't she have hundreds of rave reviews from brides (who aren't her friends!) on facebook? Have you tried reverse image searching her other images to see if she has stolen them from somewhere?

    Do NOT pay this lady in cash if you go ahead. So so dodgy. You have absolutley no recourse if she runs off with the money or does a terrible job. She may not have facilities to accept credit cards, but at the very least insist on paypal which offers some protection.

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    agree with the above!!! 


    have you paid deposits 



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    I would also not go ahead with this supplier. Have you paid a deposit?

  • Hi Arty,

    Sammykate gave a great answer! It is so easy to create an 'image' via social media of your business and also quality of work you can provide which might not be true so it is good to be cautious of this.

    You can ask her if you can go to her studio and create a 'mock-up' together with her (so you can see her create something in person), either of your bouquet or of a table centrepiece for example- just to help you envision what it will be like. Any decent florist (I offer flowers as an in-house service and think this is very important) should be happy to offer this. Depending on the type of flowers/volume of flowers involved there may be a (small) cost attached but if you are booking your whole wedding with her this should be complimentary.

    If her response to this is negative, then I would definitely find a different florist- you must be able to feel that you can trust your chosen suppliers or it adds terrible stress unnecessarily.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on,

    Catherine x

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    Avoid like the plague even if it means losing deposit you will lose lots more in the long run

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    i have a business degree and i would speak to her asap and get a contract terms and conditions done if you intend to carry on. 


    If you pay cash this is fine and often done for small businesses but get a reciept and hand over face to face dont drop through letter box etc.  


    Also ask if she has a business account as you can ping it on your bank app if you have one. 


    As for photos my contract with my florist states they can hse anything we discuss srnd or they creat for me. I am fine with that.  


    Emails do tend to sound sharp especially where someone is not aware if business etiquette or procedures and policies. 


    Try and talk on the phone this will improve your communication with her.  


    I hope this helps



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    Thanks all so much for your replies! They've made me feel much better. I did pay her a deposit but it wasn't huge and to be honest I'm OK to loose it knowing I've learnt my lesson and will have less fuss.

    My venue contacted her for me to suss her out (using a different reason) and they've come back and said she was extremely rude to them -didn't pay attention and then realised they were a wedding venue and then was really pushy about getting into their books.

    There's a fancy hotel who have reviewed her and I contacted them and they said she did a wedding fair with them where she 'transformed the place'. Whilst that's good to know, the whole thing has made me a bit of a bridezilla which is 100% what I didn't want for my wedding and I realised I'd rather have no flowers than more anxiety about them!

    Seeing a different florist tomorrow who are much more well known and more professional on the business end. Fingers crossed!

    Thanks so much all!

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    Good luck, it's definitely not worth pursuing the original, imagine the stress.

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