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Hello everyone!

I'm having a bit of trouble deciding on colours.. .. our venue has lots of wood and I've opted for bare wood tables.  The logo for our venue is red, my fiancé and the men will all be in a red tartan, my bridesmaid will probably be in a red dress.... but I want a wildflower bouquet and I don't want to match my dress accessories as red as I don't think I am really a red person. Would it look weird if I went for more of a blue or pink?



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    I wouldn't go pink as I think this will clash with the red but blue could work. My brother had tartan at his wedding and they went for the colour scheme within the tartan. Theirs was a purple, lilac and sage green as it is the family tartan colours.

    Would it be possible to go with the contrasting colour that is already in the tartan?


  • The contrasting colour seems to be black (He has gone for Ramsay tartan which is a source of conflict but he will be the one wearing it!) 

    So I definitely don't want to go for black! He is wearing a grey tweed jacket with it so maybe a greyish blue would work especially with the wildflowers... ideally I want a coloured petticoat as I am wearing a tea length dress.

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