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Stage for the band

Hi ladies,

This might be a really silly question but we've just met with our hotel wedding planner and he asked about staging for the band. Now I just assumed the band would have their own staging but apparently this might not be the case!

Just wondering what your experience is - does your band bring a stage? Or have you arranged it separately or through your venue. 

So much I hadn't thought about! 

Thanks x


  • Kelly224Kelly224 Posts: 962 New bride

    I've hired a band and they don't provide their own stage. They said if the venue has one then great but If not then they work without one 

  • Bride759Bride759 Posts: 19

    Musician here. Incredibly unlikely that your band would bring their own stage, sound equipment yes but stage no. The band will be able to play on a stage or just on the floor. At our Wedding this year our band will be playing from the floor. You can hire and build staging fairly easily if this is something you'd really like? 

  • Brilliant thank you, I dont know why I thought they'd have their own staging! 

    Looks like that's another thing I need to add to the list! 

    Thanks again x

  • Hi Wedfit,

    Personally I would advise on spending your money elsewhere instead of a stage.

    Most of the time a stage is too small meaning that the band won't be able to move around very much and it's not much fun to perform on. 

    Unless it's something that you really want but speak to your band to see what size stage they are happy to play on.

    James x

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