father daughter dance


so although I haven't organised anything else as of yet I am sorting a wedding play list    

I got to thinking about the song to dance with my dad to (if he wants to of course) my dad likes queen ac/dc the who slade eagles etc  

I don't want cheese! haha

I thought slade - everyday  could be a good choice maybe? 

what do you think? is it suitable? any other suggestions?


  • Really late to this, but our band are playing Sweet Child o' Mine, a stripped back version, for farther-daughter dance :)

  • We're having "I Loved Her First" by Heartland. It's worth a listen because the lyrics are really appropriate and poignant.



  • CE26CE26 Posts: 349 New bride

    We used Crazy Little Thing Called Love as my Dad and I both like a good rock n roll dance, and the lyrics didnt seem too odd for a father daughter dance compared to some of the other options. 

  • I really wanted a father daughter dance but my dad isnt keen so weve left it now. But, my dad has similar music taste to yours so ours there are some beautiful acoustic versions of sweet child of mine on youtube. If you want a queen song then you're my best friend might be a good shout. 

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