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Anyone here thinking of doing a speech themselves...??


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    I'm not planning to, no! Is anyone else?! I've never been to wedding where a bride has, but I don't think it's that uncommon these days. I might say a few words later after a boogie and a few drinks!
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    i'm going to! my fiance & i aren't following tradition with many things (come on, it's 2006!), ie. no 'something old, new, borrowed etc...& i think i'd feel rude if i didn't thank our guests & address my new husband directly! why let the groom do all the thanks?! i've never understood that! demure silence? i plan to speak as well!
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    I have always wanted to do one, and so i am.. but luckily i have an excuse as its my mum and my grandads birthday on the day we get married so i woould feel wrong if i didnt get up and say happy birthday to them. I think all of our guests would be quite surprised if i kept my mouth shut all day! i'd be wary of standing up after a few driinks though nessa, did you see the drunk bride sketch on Catherine Tate???!?!?
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    Ooops yes, don't wanna do that!! Think I'll see how I feel on the day (6 mths today!!)
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    I wanted to do a toast to all the friends and family we have lost recently, so they were remembered on our special day( especially as both i and h2b were away travelling when our grandparents passed away and we both lost friends in the July underground bombings) - but everytime i think about it i want to cry - and as i am a bit of a wuss anyway and tend to cry at all weddings, i don't think i'll be able to handle it - which bothers me alot as i feel very strongly that i want these people remembered in some way - do any of you lovely girls have any ideas what i could do?I really admire any of you that are strong enough to do a speech!
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    nicola, i'm not planning on a 'speech' but just a few thanks & introducing my husband to everyone! if you do feel that you may get tearful - i know i probably will - what about a declaration on the table layout plan as your family & guests come in? those close to you will understand the approach & you'll still have that something personal which is yours. xx
  • Nicola, its really sad that youve lost these people but a really nice idea to honour them. Instead of mentioning them all in your speech individually, why dont you either ask your H2B to raise a toast to them, or you to just raise a toast to absent friends. Hopefully that way close friends and family will know what you mean and it wont upset you as much.
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    I was wanting to make a speech at my wedding for the same reasons as nicola to remember a very close frined (who would have beenmy bridesmaid) who died a few years ago and relatives who I would have loved to have there but died v recently too and also as my grandmother was too frail to make it and husbands grandfather the same and one of husbands aunt's under going chemo for terminal cancer. In the end my husband wanted help with his speech so we wrote into his that we wanted to remember the people who couldn't join us and I was happy with that. But totally unprompted my dad also named all those who were missing and why ( I honestly didn't think he would mention it!) and our first toast by my dad was 'To absent friends' - it did raise a few tears (my only of the day, but also with the parents of my best friend there and partners of the other past away people and obviuously family of the other missing, however EVERYONE mentioned how nice it was to have them thought of and also how they could all imagine all of the missing being there in the corner as part of the party which was REALLY special and touching!!) I didn't obviously end up saying my piece as it had been covered but I would say DO IT if no one else is it's important to remember those who are important to us and have shaped our lives!!!
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    Thank you all so much for your ideas, Crafty you have bought tears to my eyes reading yours. You sound like you had such a lovely wedding day, lots of us were thinking of you! I think having the " to absent friends" toast is a must and also love the idea of a private declaration on the table plan. I think all of my close family will know exactly who i am talking about. Thanks again.
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    I cant imagine anything more scary than standing up and speaking in front of all those people, I mean I know I have to do that when Im actually getting married, but I will only be focussing on h2b and not seeing all those eyes watching me! oooh no, leave it to the blokes!
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    hi nicola - sorry to hear you've lost friends / family...how about dedicating a song to them during the evening - agree that making a speach can be v emotional...
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    I'd like to make a speech because I'm annoyed with the assumption that only the boys can be funny...!! Also, having spent most of my life swearing blind I'd never get married because marriage was the silliest idea ever, I feel like I owe some people an explanation...! Whether I'll actually be brave enough to say anything is of course another matter altogether...
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    I'm definitely going to say something - not in my nature not to get a word in edgeways!
  • The best man traditionally tells everyone embarassing stories about the groom and then goes on to say what a great guy he is. My H2B is not having a best man, so I thought that maybe I would tell everyone what a great guy he is instead. Will need to pluck up some courage though!
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    Julia......I feel just the same as you......can't stand the thought of saying stuff in front of people but when I say I do I think i'll be blocking the guests out and just focusing on my handsome groom.......My mum keeps winding me up about doing a speech....I just hope she doesnt have dad say at the end of his......Now over to the bride.......I think I'd die of embarrassment
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    I'm going to make a speech, as have some many friends travelling from around the country to make the wedding. Also, I lost my mum just over a year ago to cancer and would like to raise a toast to her on the day.
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