I have a field! July2018

So our wedding reception will be in a field - obvs we will have marquees up -hopefully the weather will be good enough for them to just be an extra!  Anybody else done this? have any hints or tips about what not to forget or good ideas of things to include?!


  • The single most important things will be heaters and/or blankets for later in the evening, and Good Toilets.......!

  • We're having a marquee in a field too :) The main things to consider are:

    - Marquee

    - Furniture

    - Bar Hire / Caterers (do they require anything extra, hiring in a kitchen etc)

    - Toilets

    - Water Supply

    - Electricity (generator or mains)


    You can also ask the marquee company about heating but all companies have said to me it's never really necessary in July. I'd think about a rain contingency plan though, like we're having a slightly bigger marquee for more room if everyone is stuck inside. 

    Something we completely forgot when first planning the marquee was setting-up etc as obviously in a hotel venue etc. you'd have a team to do this so that might be worth thinking about :) 

    Apart from that everything is a blank canvas so you can literally do whatever which is so exciting! 


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