We're having a very relaxed informal wedding and want to do the music ourselves on an ipod as my boyfriend is really into music and a DJ or band would never be able to encompass his "ecletic" tastes. Has anyone done something similar? How do you set up playlists and can you hire speakers to project the sound or would something like an IPOD dock be sufficient?




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    We're doing it! Haven't decided exactly how though

    Our best man did ipod playlists for his restaurant, but I'm not sure if they're just an "random" or in a specific order though. If it's just on random we'll probably make 2 playlists, a quieter one for the start of the evening and a louder, heavier one for the latter half.

    We're also lucky that my dad is in a band so we're hopefully borrowing speakers that we can hook up to a macbook.

    Depending on the size of your venue a dock might be sufficient - it would be worth asking the opinion of the wedding co-ordinator (if you have one)
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    We're doing the same and did it at our engagement party. It was WONDERFUL because it meant that we didn't hear anything that we didn't love (or someone else didn't love) ALL night! It works a treat. Make a playlist and just remember to charge the iPod!

    We're the same a you Jem-TrulyOutrageous as my dad is in a band, who will be playing at the wedding reception for an hour and then we're using his PA system to play the iPod through!

    It's a great idea and well worth doing. PLUS it saves sooo much money!

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    The money saving was key - plus trying to find someone to keep everyone happy was so hard - we're a bit goth and like more obscure stuff, most of our families aren't! Plus my fiance gets to mess around with music which he loves!!
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    Sounds VERY similar to my H2B Jem-TrulyOutrageous!

    My H2B is in charge of the music side of things too as it's what he LOVES and I love the fact that he is so excited about it!

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    Sometimes I think rich is more excited about the wedding than me! image Probably because I'm the one being bogged down with all the details!!
  • vibsukvibsuk Posts: 2,094
    That is very true!

    Mind you, men tend to be more laid back about things too don't they? I am a right stresshead! image

  • we've asked everyone to send us 5 songs that they all want to hear at our wedding! we're adding lots ourselves but it's good to have a good mix!
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    Hi - me and H2B were also planning on doing the ipod thing instead of DJ. Vikebe - I was a bit worried that the gap between songs would be awkward, how did it work at your engagement party? Thanks!
  • Hi Girls

    Its a gread idea to use an Ipod for the music to keep the costs down...but be REALLY careful you dont completely alienate your guests by choosing music that you 'love' but that everyone else will 'hate'.

    I went to a wedding recently who had their Ipod hooked up to a PA system....which was great...however they only played music they were really into..and no-one else particularly liked it!...hence a completely empty dancefloor....yikes!

    happy mixing!


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    My cousin did this at her wedding recently and it worked beautifully.

    They asked everyone to write down 3 songs that they would like to hear played so that guests got to have an input in to the tracks too. It made their evening so much more personal xx
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    You can make playlists on iTunes - really easy! As for speakers, the bigger the better really, although small good quality ones (like Bose) are amazing. It really does depend on the size of your venue and the quality of the speakers you have or can hire.

    We have a band but have ipod playlists for during the photos/drinks, the meal, before the band starts and when the band is on break.
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    Hi HCS,

    There was very little gap at our engagement party as the tracks just continue to run into eachother. There was maybe a few secs in between tracks, but nothing to speak of!

    I'd def recommend it! Just make sure you get other guests requests so that you get a varied playlist image

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    Thanks Vibeke! I think we will deff be going ahead with it!
  • I think this is a great idea! My friend had a DJ at her wedding and although most of the songs were ok, a lot of them were a bit dull and people ended up in the bar as opposed to on the dancefloor.

    Jem-Truly Outrageous - I'd love to be at your wedding. I have gothic tendencies, too (thus the almost completely black wedding dress - lol) and I'd love to dance around to something a bit darker. I'm having a tiny wedding and no dancing at all (plus a Catholic priest to perform a blessing - H2B is Catholic - so I don't think that marching in to one of my preferred tunes would go down very well), but I might have Ipod music piped into our drinks reception....we'll see!
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    We're having our reception at a villa in Ibiza and had originally planned for several of our friends to take turns at DJ duty. However it was actually quite expensive to hire decks out there (E400) considering we have to turn the music right down at midnight and it was also a pain for the boys to have to bring all their records out. Instead they are going to each record a special mix for us before they come out and we'll do an i-pod playlist for the quieter parts of the day like photos and whilst people are eating.

    I much prefer doing it this way as we get to hear the songs that we and all our friends like. At a friend's wedding recently she had the most awful DJ who played nothing but Girls Aloud and Westlife, and did loads of cheesy chat between songs - not my cup of tea at all!

  • We were also dreading the wedding dj! Both me and H2B dj as do quite a few friends so we're going to do a rotating dj duty! We've managed to hire a pa, two turntables, mixer, two cd players and lighting for £200 which includes somebody to deliver them, set them up, hang around in case of any problems and pack them away at the end of the night. W're really pleased with it x
  • sonjuksonjuk Posts: 230

    that sounds like the way to do things!

    whatever you choose to do, i would strongly recommend having a trial run before the big day. you'll may need a mixer, amplifier, microphone, cables, power leads, speakers, maybe bass bins, etc etc, so do ask someone who knows what they are doing that will set it up for you!
  • Don't worry, the company we've hired them from set all the equipment up and are on hand during the reception in case of any problems!

    I think it's going to be the first wedding where the bride and groom have a stint at djing!

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    I have just read this thread with interest. To start with I am a DJ and network with lots of other DJs who are trying to change the image of the humble DJ so I am here for your feedback so we can try and make things better.

    The comments made in this thread are typical of a lot of B2B but there are some DJ's who are listening and appreciate that there is more empahasis these days of tailoring the entertainment to the requirements of the organisers. Some DJ's are happy to accept playlists so you can have your choice of music throughout the evening. Any descent DJ will accept requests on the night too so ask when you book one.

    As far as Ipods go, they can be good or bad and there is some good advice in this thread. Try not to just choose music that you like yourself as there are usually a mix of age groups and people with different tastes. Asking the guests to suggest three tunes when you send out the invites is a good idea too so you get an idea of what others like and keep everyone happy.

    If you do decide to hire a DJ then they should also be happy to meet up with you to go through the planning for the evening and work with you with regards to the choice of music.

    I have worked at functions where Ipods have been used and some have been great with a really good party atmosphere and some have been a disater where guests have complained about the choice of music, the worst scenario is guests leaving early or spending more time in the bar so try and think of a mix of tracks that will appeal to a good cross section of the guests.
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    good points tonyB!
  • we're doing exactly the same thing with and ipod playlist for the wedding breakfast and another one for afterwards - the wedding is a year away but we're already having great fun thinking about the playlists!
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