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No cake or alternative-has anyone done this?!

hi ya, I do not like the idea of thecwhole cutting cake thing for us, we are not traditionalists in what it used to stand for etc so we were thinking of skipping it. Has anyone else done this?


our idea, was to have everyone have a small shot and for us to give each other a shot (instead of cake) and get everyone to join us for a ‘shot as we’ve tied he knot’. 

We are the people who end up buying shots on a night out so we thought this would be more ‘us’ but wondered if anyone else had done it or any alternatives?! X


  • britbirdbritbird Posts: 1,486 New bride

    We have got 3 cakes- cupcakes for those who like the more "traditional" option, a cheese and pie tower with pork pie, game pie, and veggie pie (plus 4 cheeses) and then we have a chocolate sculpture cake.  It is a wedding cake- looks like your standard cake, and then when we "cut it" we are going to dump the knife and have a hammer and smash it!  It will be filled with handmade truffles. 

  • Tanya128Tanya128 Posts: 1,993

    We had two "cakes" one traditional because I love them and one a cheese tower because my husband loves cheese, also made a great evening supper!

  • Nikki-93Nikki-93 Posts: 171

    Im not having a cake to cut, i felt we dont really need pictures to ahow this and everyone stood around watching. Im just having cupcakes for everyone to eat

  • Jenni8Jenni8 Posts: 3,201

    Many people break traditions these days and you can do literally whatever you like. There are no rules any more. I think it sounds like a great idea if that is what you think suits you more 

  • If you don't want tradition then just leave it. I am having  cake but only to serve as the dessert.

  • Rach371Rach371 Posts: 1,135 New bride

    Do what you want! We're having a pretty small cake just for a bit of dessert to compliment our other dessert but we aren't having a cake cutting or anything like that!

  • lauren318lauren318 Posts: 482

    We had a small cake which was made for us but we didn;t even give it out!

    We cut it late on and totally forgot, my friend also did the same.

    I would be tempted to have an alternative as mentioned above.

  • We aren't having cake. We don't think our 28 guests will be fussed. 

  • MrsStobe4MrsStobe4 Posts: 282

    We're not having a cake as we don't like that tradition but we also want to limit the instances we're in the spotlight, So were5not having a receiving line and we're not doing the whole introducing the bride and groom either.

  • CFWCFW Posts: 234

    I love that idea! I say go with that! Guests will remember that moment (probably more than they would a cake!) and it will get the night off to a good start! The 'cutting of the cake' isn't as prominent in weddings now as I think it used to be - just a photo op now really (and an expensive one at that!). 

  • Lowri4Lowri4 Posts: 10

    If you're shots at the end of the night people then I think it sounds like a fab idea. We're having a traditional wedding cake but we're definitely cake people and I'm going to make it myself with my Mum. I think it's nice to have little touches that are unique to you and your wedding.

  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    I love cake so Im really looking forward to eating it, and I know a lot of guests will enjoy it too. I dont care what any brides say about not being hungry or forgetting to eat etc, cake is life!

    I dont know what the cake cutting traditions stands for that you dislike, but I feel the same about veils over faces, I just dislike the symbolism so much that I wouldnt ever like the veil itself if you know what I mean.

    Not many people care so much for traditions now, maybe the older generation, but you are the bride, its your wedding, you do what YOU like, and if anyone doesnt like it then they dont have to copy the idea.

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