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Bowling Club Reception - how to decorate?

We eloped in December andafter speaking to family we thought about having either a family meal or a reception.  We've decided on a small reception at a local outdoor bowling club but its not the nicest looking.  Still to book it, but hoping for a couple of months from now. 

Any ideas, inspiration on how to decorate?  Also ideas for some outside decor.

There is a separate small room, which could be used for the buffet.
I've not got great photos but I'll post them to give you an idea.


1st pic already set up for a cabaret. 



The tables have been set up on the dance floor in some of the photographs. tables can be rearranged. 







  • Some mood uplighting, fairy lights round the pillars and bunting/hanging lanterns might be nice.

    Plus table covers and scatter crystals and tea lights will completely change the look of the room.


    We're getting married in the local golf club and while the views are lovely and the room isn't too bad it's a far cry from the castle or hotel I originally wanted (but refused to spend £10,000+ on). I plan on using lighting and lanterns :)

  • Table cloths and hanging lanterns or big paper pompoms/flowers (dead easy with that type of ceiling)  would really transform the room.  Fairy lights round the pillars sounds good too

  • As above - lots of lights 

    But also balloons would look nice too

    Have you been on Pinterest? xxx

  • Hi,

    thanks for all the replies. I had typed reply on my phone but couldn't have posted it.

    I've just started looking on Pinterest for reception decor.  As we hadn't originally thought about a reception.  It's been mostly wedding hair, makeup, dress etc. 

    But I'm loving the lanterns and lights and bunting ideas.  Will start searching ideas.

    I was thinking of tablecloths and also chair covers.  But I don't think I'd chair covers for the lounge chairs, so will just go for the tablecloths. And have a look at all the other suggestions.  

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