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Just thought I would let you know. I went to a wedding recently whereby the Bride and Groom had a polaroid photo guest book and what they did was have their photo taken with each guest (throughtout the day and night) and then the guest wrote a little message in the book beside their photo. I thought this was a great idea and someone else might want to do it (too late for me I am afraid).;\)

Kerrie x


  • Hi Kerrie - we did this too and it was brilliant - the book is so funny and it's lovely to have pictures of everyone other than in the "official" pictures. We got my brother to go round and make sure he got everyone's photo - we weren't in them and so it was amazing to see how thoughtful people were with their comments when we were given the book later in the day. It's a lovely lovely memento and would highly reccommend it to everyone! It's not the cheapest - I think it cost around £100 and we only had 50-odd guests - but worth every penny. xx
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    Hi Emma G Can I ask where you got the guest book from please? I want to do something like this. Thanks
  • yeah spill lols, where was it from?

    lols angel, I love that idea
  • Hi,

    We are having one of these from:


  • That's where we got ours from too. The film is expensive, so just make sure whoever you get to take the pics knows to be sparing! Our guests got one-shot each, and the fact that some of them are not perfect makes them even funnier! Just get them done before everyone gets too drunk or before anyone older leaves early to make sure you get everyone and they are capable of leaving a sensible message!
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    We had this too. My hubby wasn't that keen before but afterwards has said it was a great idea as the piccies and messages are great. It was great to be able to read all the messages and see some photos the next day and relive the day.

    We got ours from america on e-bay - took about 6 weeks to come though.
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    We were thinking of doing this. I originally wanted to put disposable cameras on each table but although the polaroid idea is more expensive, I think it would be a more personal reminder and avoids 100's of silly shots. Think it's a great idea! x
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    Hi there,

    I bought my one from instant forever too, however never got to use it. If anyone out there is looking for a bargin, let me know. I got the black one.
  • Mongoose, i am looking for one of these books in black. Will buy it off you?

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    Cool, Im not sure how to talk to you directly. There used to be a way of emailing but I cannot find it now. Do you know how? I'll need an address to send it too and am pretty sure that info is best left private. x

  • Hi my email add is [email protected]

    let me know the price and your add, i will send you a cheque.
  • Hi Mongoose,

    I would also be interested to purchase this from you!

  • Hi, WE are doing this too I saw it on a wedding site ( where else!!) think it will be great to come back to after the honeymoon. I am getting my CBM to go round and do the photos and get people to wruite in the book...
  • I've got one of these too -- so glad to hear it sounds like it should be a success!
  • We've got the instant forever albums in gold silk limited edition (gold and ivory theme). They look fantastic. I love photos anyway and this is an excuse to get some much more relaxed ones. I have a feeling they'll get funnier as the evening wears on. I'm also going to ask people to doodle, draw pictures and be imaginative as well as writing messages.

    My bridemaids are in charge so hopefully will get everyone in it. Can't wait to see the result.
  • Another good book i've seen is from here... http://www.adessoalbums.com/

    I'm making our own out of a lovely fabric covered scrap book and placing photo corners on each page... My cousin is in charge on the day!!
  • i would love one of these roughly what is the cost per book whats included in the poackage as the websites above are not working for me
  • Strange i just checked my link and it works for me... Books are 45GBP (sorry no pound sign on my laptop) and then you can buy the polaroid for 25GBP - though i would check out ebay for better cameras to be honest.. the film works out to be 1BGP a shot.

    Each book can hold 30 pictures -think couples and groups?

    Sorry just realized my link goes through to the UK one as above


    Or you could just make your own and buy polaroid off ebay or similar??
  • thanks hollywould your link is working i love the idea but i reckon i would need more than 30 pages do most people buy one or more what are the like in the flesh if you know what i mean
  • I think if i were going for this book i would need two too! The books themselves are really good quality (i just signed one at a wedding here in the USA) but i haven't ordered one just for the very reason that i need more pages... i guess you could have two on the day but personally afterwards i would just like it all in 'one'.....

    I'm just placing photo corners to fit the polaroid in a scrap book and leaving out different colored pens/pencils....
  • we're just buying a plain guest book and a cheap polaroid camera and film online, then sticking the photos in using those little photo corners that you slot the photos into. saw the idea in a magazine and it's my favourite thing that we've planned so far for the wedding!
  • I too really like this idea- but is costly! (the camera is cheap enough on ebay and you can get the films for slightly cheaper also on there, but I notice they have expiry dates! I too need more than one book. I see that you can by 2 or 3 together with a matching cover slip. I might look into a DIY and I can then put more the one photo space on the pages! I v'e seen some that are a bit blank and it's a waste of the page, although the proper books do look much more professional, but I suppose it will only be scrawlled in by the drunk guests!!!
  • I saw this before on here and instantly loved the idea. Ebay's the way forward with this I think. All to do then is to choose the actual guest book... so many choices!
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    we're getting one from Instant Forever and leaving my brother in charge of taking snaps and making sure comments stay clean!

    We've asked for one for Christmas so it doesn't come out of our (ever shrinking) budget
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