Father Daughter Dance

I don't know if anyone has already posted this one but it's just a suggestion. It played at my cousin's wedding and I dance with my Dad to it, barely managed to stop myself crying from listening to the lyrics, I such a softie!

I loved her first by Heartlands


  • babyboofulbabybooful Posts: 1,099
    I love love love this song!! it's so appropriate for the Father and Daughter dance!!
  • rocky78ukrocky78uk Posts: 189
    I think im going to use this song. The words are perfect!! (I cried too!!!)
  • mundimundi Posts: 84
    Its the song i am using also, my dad loved it when i played it to him.

    Amanda x
  • butterfly kisses by bob carlisle is a good one to a real tear jerker

  • butterfly kisses by bob carlisle is a good one to a real tear jerker

  • love that one toooo might have some thinking to do now.
  • tonyBuk1tonyBuk1 Posts: 44
    If you wanted to do something different you could do something like this:

  • rubytuesrubytues Posts: 13
    OMG!! this is such a lovely song - it made me cry listening to it - wasnt thinking of dancing with dad - but now i think i will have to do a threesome (!) dance with mum and dad - many thanx for the link x;\)
  • emmarayukemmarayuk Posts: 2,591
    tony b, love the link. very funny. If only I had the balls and my dad could actually dance!!

  • Father and Daughter by Paul Simon is a lovely one too, the words are really nice xx
  • think we are going to have changes by kelly and ozzy osbourne - being that my dad is Mr Osborne and my maiden name is osborne it seems quite ap!
  • mov429mov429 Posts: 780
    O god, blow the budget, i've jst had to get my tissues out!! that song is SO emotional!! I love it!!!

    We're having a father daughter dance but me and h2b have a daughter so he will be dancing with her too!!

    I loved that!!

    Tony, your vid was absolute class!! I'd love to do something like that, it looked so typical then *bam* lol Great!!

    We're thinking of having Tim McGraw's Daddy's little girl! It's really nice either that or stay safe with The temptations My Girl! Both great songs!

    I'm away to see if i can find changes, i can't remember what it's like!

  • I love that song, it's made me cry listening to it!
  • oh my god i just watched that and cried - im such a mumpet!
  • okay i just watched butterfly kissesand im seriously balling now!

    heres the link - they are both lovely!

  • mov429mov429 Posts: 780
    It is such a nice song but i can't look at the guy singing, he annoys me! lol I would be dancing and thinking of his eyebrows!! hahahaha image
  • i am having the way you look tonight from father of the bride!! image i will probs cry i am tooooo soft
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