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Reception Venues around the Basingstoke area!

Hi, I'm hopefully getting married next summer although no date has been set! I'm frantically looking for an interesting reception venue in and around the basingstoke, fleet area. I was thinking about hiring a farm people have mentioned somewhere called Taplins farm in Hartley Witney can anyone give me the number so that I can get in contact with them? I've also been and visited The Vyne just outside Basingstoke which was lovely, has anyone else planned or been to a wedding there? :\)

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  • kp8895kp8895 Posts: 345
    hey there - don't know it off hand but did see a number for taplin's place in my local yellow pages when i was flicking through looking for wedding suppliers (i live in fleet!) i remember, as i had been trying to track them down for ages on the internet without much luck!

    i'm getting married in the elvetham in hartley wintney which is a really lovely venue. if not, audley's wood hotel was also one of our faves....really nice menus and a garden pavilion for ceremonies. lots of luck finding somewhere xxx
  • I've sent off for the brochure for Elvetham it looks lovely but I'm guessing VERY expensive?! I've got a really small budget so I need to find somewhere thats lovely and not going to break the bank! I look in yellow pages for Taplins farm thanks for the tip! x
  • kp8895kp8895 Posts: 345
    the elvetham venue hire is a bit steep! but we fell in love with it so knew it was right for us. managed to scrape together a bit more savings to make it happen! but it does mean i had to get my dress on ebay image

    lots of people had said lots of nice things about corkage and you can get any caterer you want. plus they have really nice gardens... gorgeous waterfall and room for a marquee as well? there's a thread with lots of taplins brides in 'getting started' i think. worth having a search and getting some tips?

    hth xxx
  • loopz14loopz14 Posts: 139
    I've been to the Vine for a birthday party, not a wedding. It was very nice, we had a big 5 course meal. I think it might be quite expensive though (I'm sure my friend told me it was, well for a birthday, maybe not a wedding). We didn't stay there, we stayed in a hotel about 5 mins away.

    Have you also considered Tylney Hall , it's near Hook, I've stayed there for a weekend, once again very nice & the food was good I remember.

    Or there is the Four Seasons in Hampshire, only ever been to a meeting there, so cannot comment, but looks very nice.

    Lou xx
  • nickiduknickiduk Posts: 93
    Did you check out Taplins? I'm getting married there next year and it is lovely.
  • I went to see Taplins today and it is lovely! They only have one or two dates available next summer so I need to make up my mind quick! I'm going back in a few days with the boyf see what he thinks! I'm still quite fancying The Vyne as it is beautiful but I can't seem to find anyone who's been married or been to a wedding there though... so if anyone knows anyone?!? x
  • We're getting married at Oakley Hall, I know this is the other side of Basingstoke to Fleet, but the price is quite good, grounds are amazing and you have the option of in the house or the Marquee.

    Another one is Warbrook House, think its in Eversley, my friends sister got married there a couple of weeks and a friend is getting married there in december - its looks fantastic!

  • sugar489sugar489 Posts: 24

    We are getting married next summer in Basingstoke and our reception is at The Old Mill in Aldermaston, which is really pretty with a river running by it.

    Have been to zillions of weddings this year and Hook House Hotel is lovely with a nice marquee, as is Wellington Country Arms. Feel all wedding-ed out now though! Need to start planning mine properly!

    Good luck finding your reception!!

  • We went to see Warbrook and Tylney Hall. They are both nice venues.

    We visited Warbrook twice; it had lovely grounds and a nice bar area but they were doing up the main room and it didn't catch our imagination. We also saw the other DeVere place, Highfield Park in Heckfield and felt pretty much the same about this.

    Tylney Hall is more spectacular, but it's big. They have 2 or even 3 weddings on at a time in peak season and we didn't want that. Having said that, even on our visit the service was second to none. We felt really special.

    Audley Wood is a gorgeous venue and I would have considered it if they allowed use of the restaurant in the evening. You can have a lunchtime breakfast in the restaurant but then you have to transfer to a marquee (I think someone called it a garden pavilion).

    Aldermaston Manor was our runner up. This might be too far for you on the north-west side of Basingstoke. It has wonderful grounds despite the conference facilities that share the same (large) site. We just didn't feel quite comfortable there, but it ticked a lot of boxes.

    Our place of choice was Newbury Manor - may not be much use to you as it may be too far out to the West. When we went into the driveway I knew it was the right place. We feel at home there and it has everything we wanted; exclusive use, a wonderful setting with gardens on the join of two rivers, an interesting ballroom and friendly staff. Having had 2 meals there now, I can vouch for the quality and imagination of the food.

    I've heard that Heckfield Place is quite nice, might be worth a look.

    Good luck and I hope you find your dream place.


  • lozzi31lozzi31 Posts: 518
    We're getting married at the Vyne this August and it will be so lovely. It is so gorgeous with the house right next to the lake and the reception is held in the little converted barn on the grounds. As theres no accomodation there (its a national trust house) we're staying the wedding night at Tylney hall. Thats beautiful too! Looking forward to it so much!
  • We got married recently at The Old Mill in Aldermaston (July 2013), as did some of our friends a few months before.  We all had an amazing day! The grounds are beautiful and the staff were friendly and helpful throughout.  It's around 25mins from Basingstoke and I certainly highly recommend it!

  • Karen6Karen6 Posts: 56 New bride

    I've been to events at Oakley Hall, and it's gorgeous.  (I'm a little biassed fiance took me to dinner there to propose - so to me its especially romantic!)

    Great service, beautiful location, and the food is lovely.

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