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Hi ya

Just wandering if anyone is saying grace before the breakfast... does the groom initiate this or anyone else, and if so does he do this before being seated after he walks in?

Do you normally put this on the menu to make people aware so they dont start tucking into the rolls etc?


  • When Ive been to weddings where they say grace, the toastmaster (or whoever is acting in that role) says something like "Pray silence for the Groom/Father of the Bride/whoever while he says Grace".

    You could put it on the menus so that people expect it.

    If you're not having a toastmaster, then I would get the best man to announce it. Hope that helps.
  • stkezstkez Posts: 2,247
    Im a saying Grace and as the one who goes to mass in our relationship, I will stand and say it. One thing he doesnt get a choice in. lol

    I may put it on the menus, not sure if having menus yet.

    kerry x
  • eralceralc Posts: 95
    If I remember rightly, at weddings grace is often said before the food gets bought out / people go up to the buffet. Then you don't get anyone tucking in prematurely!

    If someone has a christian faith in your family, then it might be nice to ask them to do the grace. Or otherwise, might be helpful to ask someone who is important to you but doesn't have a very clear 'formal role'.. ie. father of the groom.

  • lisa-jtlisa-jt Posts: 399
    Were having my h2b's Nan say it at our's as she is quite religious!!and she is gonna be introduced by the best man!!! And as someone else said this will be before the food is brought out!!!!xxx
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