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Meeting Wed Coordinator at Reception Venue for first time

Hi folks,

Am meeting the wedding co-ordinator at my reception venue for the first time on Saturday. Its less than a year till the wedding - what should i be asking her? We have just literally booked the room for wedding breakfast and evening reception so nothing else planned at this stage. What questions should I be asking her?

You help would be appreciated.


  • VikHukVikHuk Posts: 109

    We have a meeting on Tues next week, which is our first meeting with the wedding co-ordinator.

    I have a few questions I want to ask, 1) what time will we be sitting down to the wedding breakfast, 2) what time do I need to ask our evening guests to arrive.

    Would also like to see their cake stand (incase it needs a good polish !) 4) if they have table name holders, 5) when i can pick up the napkins (well if they are material ones, cos am having them dressed)...

    we dont meet again with them until think its 6 weeks before our wedding date to discuss finer details and the menu !! (Ill be into panic mode by then and would of liked it sorted way before then for own peace of mind !)

    cant think of any more questions at the moment, hope they help you?..

    Love Vicky x
  • Sensual_EmSensual_Em Posts: 338
    We met ours a couple of weeks ago and we discussed time of arrival for us and for guests (we are getting married at 2 and the reception is at 7) how many approx we were catering for, how many tables we wanted out with how many chairs.

    We discussed a time line of events like toasts, speaches, cutting the cake, food and the all important disco.

    We also discussed decoration of the room and tables and when we could get into the room to do that.

    Your wedding co-ordinator (if they are good, our first was [email protected]) will have 90% of the things you and they need to know down to go over with you anyway.
  • EmmatcEmmatc Posts: 48
    Hi Mrs Dunkables,

    You already have some great questions, but I would also ask about local accommodation (if its not a hotel), parking facilities, reductions/alternatives on child meals, if its not a saturday then any special offers they might have - we are getting a 20% discount for having a Friday, limitations on the number of people for the room - min and max as some venues will allow you to have 40 people but insist that you pay for a minimum of 50 for example, what they will provide (linen, napkins, colours sizes etc) and if they charge extra for alternatives, what restrictions there are on menues - can you have a selection or is it a set menu only, what time the bar closes and how much is it for an extension on the licensing hours if you want it, and maybe a list of recommended suppliers they use - they will probably have a list of bands/DJs/Florists/balloon suppliers and such like that are local and reliable. Phew! hope that helps

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