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Labyrinth (The Movie) Theme

Okay so i know its a bit wacky and out there but so are me and my h2b!

Have any of you any ideas?

many thanks in advance for you help.

Also worried about people thinking im stupid doing such a theme!?!?

Some ides so far:

Showing the movie during the meal on a projecor.

Using the songs/music from the film.

Masquared ball.



  • WantThatOneWantThatOne Posts: 1,490
    I think it's really cool! I used to love the film as a kid even though it scared me slightly - we watched the tape so many times it stopped working properly!

    Would your groom have a perm and wear those grey tights??!!!!
  • Divabell, I think that could be a fantastic theme, I love the movie too.

    Just a couple of thoughts, I've seen some lovely clear glass baubles that you could hang on invisible thread like the crystal ball that the goblin king has? I've seem them in several christmas departments!The dream sequence/masked ball would be a great reception theme - I'd watch that sequence again and make notes of the decor used - lots of white/mirrors/period furniture etc!

    I saw some lovely hand made bracelets one eBay, some of the beads had stills from the movie on them, would make a great bridesmaid/flowergirl gift. If you just search using the terms labyrinth and bracelet it should pop up.

    It would be great if you could get some music boxes to use as centre pieces.

    Good luck with it and please post photos after the event!
  • scottishbridescottishbride Posts: 2,023
    I love it!! Such a good movie!
  • OH my god!!!!

    What a great idea it is my fave movie of all times. I know you can by the wooden mazes that she has at the end in old fashioned toy shops and how about hiring a barn owl or two?? Will keep thinking.
  • scoobydoukscoobydouk Posts: 1,500
    Love the song Dance Magic Dance!

    David Bowies voice is so sexy (Yes Im Sad )!!!
  • How about writing your own vows with some lines from the film? Although I dont know where "you have no power over me" would fit in.

    Also you could make "bog of eternal stench" signs for the toilets! Sorry, again not very useful.

    Also if you are having flower girls you could dress them as fairys like at the beginning of the maze. x
  • Thank you so much for all of your input!

    Please keep the ideas coming!

    Im glad that you dont think its silly or stupid!

    We have decided to get the wooden Labyrinth games as centerpieces for the tables and we are having a bubble machine.

    I only wish that my husband looked like Jared in those tights!!!

  • -kia--kia- Posts: 745
    I love that film image

    I'm having 'as the world falls down' (the ballroom scene song) to walk down the aisle to image
  • MrsRees208MrsRees208 Posts: 375
    O my god i love that film i have the sound track lol! I used to watch it when i was 4!!

    I love that song it is lovely i wanted in my wedding somewhere!

    I'm glad i'm not the only one that likes the film!

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