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Any ideas for favours?

Has anyone got any ideas for different or unusual favours? I don't want to spend a fortune on them but would like something a little bit different. What kind of things are other people having?

Thanks for any help/ideas!!image


  • A wedding I was at recently had gingerbread men and women decorated to look like the bride and groom which was very sweet and very tasty.

    I'm not much help tho as I have no idea where they got them from but i'm sure google would help!!
  • ellybeeellybee Posts: 1,381
    We had tea towels whichI LOVED! I keep harping on about them but I was so chuffed with them! Definitely different, none of our guests had seen a wedding tea towel before!

    Here's a photo if you want a look,

    Got them from


    Liz X
  • I am having little keyrings for the women which my Mum is making - just bought little rose quarz hearts and the keyring thing, they are really easy.

    For the men i have bought mini wooden puzzles - they are bit if fun and thought they would keep them amused for hours! Only £1.35 each
  • d3lythd3lyth Posts: 6
    We absolutely love kiddies sweets, so we decided to name our tables after our favourite sweets eg. Refreshers, Cola Cubes, etc and going to make little favours to match the table name and maybe have a big bowl of the little heart sweets you get in haribo in the middle of the table. We have 150ish guests coming to the reception, so can't really afford very expensive favours!
  • I made heart shaped cookies whch I decorated to match my colours and then piped each guests name on - so it doubled up as a place marker. They were yummy!

    Love the tea towels - I would have laughed so much! Great idea.

    g_louise is there anything you and your h2b are specifically interested in? Places you love? Nationality? Hobbies? Food? I always think personal or handmade favours are nicer...
  • adelesarahadelesarah Posts: 1,981
    Oh I love the cookies with the names on! How lovely! But I'd never be able to make them myself, is there anyone who makes things like that?
  • We are having edbinburgh rock tied with a bow as favours just for the women, I am also giving each guest a minature spirit as I found out that we could get these cheap!! I am also having blackbullets and scottish tablet on the tables as I am geordie and he is scottish. (blackbullets are boiled mint sweet and scottish tablet is like fudge). I only have a few days to go (9) so I am getting quite excited now.
  • goneawaygoneaway Posts: 1,676 New bride
    I've discovered I'm crap at making things so I've gone for the cookies with guests' names on too, but I'm going to have them made by - just waiting for samples to arrive, yum! S x
  • Thanks everyone, that's a lot of ideas to discuss with h2b! We've tried to think of things that link into stuff we're interested in but we just couldn't come up with anything. We were thinking about rock as we're from Southend and there's a lot of rock shops along the seafront!!

    I love the heart shaped cookies but am not very creative at all so don't think mine would look anything like yours thinkpink!
  • klh_30klh_30 Posts: 17
    A friend made a cd of her favourite songs - hers went to female guests, her husbands to male guests.

    Any ideas for an Australian theme?
  • babyboofulbabybooful Posts: 1,099
    Love the cookies with the names on!!
  • Hi, we are getting married in December, so we decided on wedding crackers, & placing inside a lottery ticket! Also doubles up as the place names. xx
  • We've bought the multi packs of mini fragrances from Boots, seperated them so ladies have perfume and men have aftershave. We found boxes big enough from Confetti (ballotin style) and made them up ourselves. Its something I would like to receive and makes a difference from the usual stuff.

    I bought mine in the Jan sales so it was buy one get one free so only costs about £2 per person plus boxes.

    Just try and think of what you'd like to receive at a wedding.
  • sirsuksirsuk Posts: 2,478
    I too am having heart shaped cookies with guests names iced on. I 'm getting them from a local compant but I came across this web site
  • Joanna72ukJoanna72uk Posts: 380
    we are having charity pins...
  • LOVE the CD idea. Have just told h2b and we are def going to do this. Our wedding is in NZ and the guests will be driving rental cars. So we figure they will like some music to drive away with. H2b says you can do this in windows media and it will convert it and close the cd so you can play it in the car. Thanks a mill for this one.

    We are trying to have all our favours be things that will be used or useful. Don't want guests leaving them on the table. We are also having crackers (check out - we got shells on special offer and filled them ourselves) We are also having indoor sparklers which we will use on the night. We have had matchboxes made with the picture of where we are getting married on one side and a picture of the evening venue on the other. The guests can use these to light the sparklers. My little splurge is pink butterfly magnets which I have decided to put on the female forks. Got the idea off a website. Ordered the magnets and they look so cool on the end of a fork. And if people leave them behind I will just snap them up myself I like them so much. Our wedding website is

    Keep telling us all the cool ideas. It is so inspiring to hear what other people are doing.
  • lynsallynsal Posts: 189
    were having scratch cards for the favours in little envelopes that say hope you as lucky as we are

  • sarahrobsonuksarahrobsonuk Posts: 3,266
    I've bought some wine coloured velvet bags from Hong Kong, 100 for £9.95, and the men are going to have miniature stags breath liquer and thorntons gold foil wrapped diplomat choccies, and the women are having a miniature bottle of cream liquer(99p fenwicks) and gold heart shaped thorntons champagne truffles. You can buy job lots of lucky sixpences on Ebay, 100 for £9.95, which are also something a bit different.
  • We're having fortune cookies with romantic messages inside. Only 13 days to go and i can't wait.
  • We're having personalised liquor miniatures for the men and star shaped bottle stoppers for the women :\)
  • I wanted something my guests could make use of so for the ladies it is accurate measuring spoon entitled with words like a pinch of patience etc with the traditional measurements on the other side

    For the men...well what else but bottle openers for their beers!!

    Heidi xx
  • NurseColNurseCol Posts: 1,434

    I love your favours, can I ask where you got them from?x
  • Friend at work came up with Australian animal shaped chocolates. I have found some moulds on ebay so thinking about that.
  • loweellieloweellie Posts: 1,196
    i love urs too heidi, saw the spoons in a wedding mag but cant remmeber where from could u tell em and price???
  • Easter Monday wedding so thinking easter eggs or mini eggs or maybe even those cornflake cakes with mini eggs on lol.

    How to make a cornflake cake look classy.........hmmm image

  • i will be giving magnets cost £2.30 for 25(on offer from vista print)

    they say thank you for making our day special

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  • AL77AL77 Posts: 219
    I love the idea of fortune cookies!

    How about Kinder Surprise eggs? Everyone loves em and will keep everyone entertained making the little toys...
  • These are what we had, and you can have them with perfume, chocolate, soap, candles etc. They come premade also so it was much easier than making them.

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  • Yankee candles do a range called wedding day :O)

    They are cream and have a nice picture on the from and they do one which is a small candle for £1.70 ideal for a favour
  • hi

    check out they have a huge range of favours in most colours imaginable if you're having a certain colour theme. They also have thngs like table games and heat-shaped sparklers which make nice alternatives to the usual favour boxes.
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