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Making Fairy cakes

I was thinking of making fairy cakes to be handed out as nibbles as poeple arrive at the reception. We went to a pagen wedding last year and the newly weds made a cake together which they shared as part of the ceremony as we all stood in a circle and one by one wished them happiness, it was really moving and I like the idea of doing this with h2b in the run up to the big day.

Has anyone got a great recipe or ideas for toppings or decorations?

I would have had them as the wedding cake but h2b put his foot down over a traditional fruit cake (great compromise!)



  • -Westlake--Westlake- Posts: 1,050
    yey! I'm having a really feminine dress with sage green for the bridesmaids. Things wll be elegant and non fussy. I will be having herbs in my bouquet with roses.

    Thank you!
  • MoominmummyMoominmummy Posts: 1,621
    Thats such a sweet idea!

    This recipe is for the best cupcakes ever!!! We tried them in New York & they are famous worldwide (there's even a scene in Sex & The City where they eat them). They are dish delish!
  • -Westlake--Westlake- Posts: 1,050
    thanks shoegal, I will definately have a go at some of these!
  • -Westlake--Westlake- Posts: 1,050
    yes yes yes yes pulease. All of them! I love the lavender ones in particular!

    Would you mind emailing me?

    Thank you sooo much!
  • -Westlake--Westlake- Posts: 1,050
    The hearts decoration is sweet. I think I will mix some of these in.....

  • rachelemmarachelemma Posts: 517
    I think this is a really nice idea, and there are loads of things you can do which would actually be really easy. I saw some on the MasieFantasie site with sugar roses on top, which they charge £7 per cake but the roses they've used are *really* easy to make (I have a few leftovers in my cupboard!!) and take about 5 minutes each to construct.
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