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First Dance Song?

smcmsmcm Posts: 164
I'm getting married 4 weeks today and we always said as we didnt have a song that was 'ours' we wouldn't have a first dance - however, I'm now thinking that I'f like to have a first dance song which could then become 'ours' but have no idea where to start! Does anybody have any good ideas they can give me and what are you all having as your song if you're having a first dance???


  • We don't have an "our" song either. We've chosen Lets Stay Together by Al Green (on Pulp Fiction CD). The words are lovely (I'm, I'm so in love with you....), its a bit funky and not too soppy. It just the right speed for twirling in a wedding dress without getting caught up. We've only 2 weeks to go, can't wait!
  • lilmeuklilmeuk Posts: 161
    we havent gout an "our" song either so have been looking anything at the mo. We have a few ideas - a million locve songs by Take That, and wonderful tonight by eric clapton are two that we are definatly looking at. Let us know if ywhat you decide to have x
  • smcmsmcm Posts: 164
    i'd like something nice but not really 'traditional' as such so was thinking maybe chasing cars by snow patrol or gravity by enbrace but nothing is really screaming 'our' song at me!
  • brookbukbrookbuk Posts: 150
    Hi, We are having At Last by Etta James.
  • locobelocobe Posts: 253
    Hi smcm what sort of music were you thinking of?

    The Way You Look Tonight - Westlife

    She's the One -Robbie Williams or Angels - Also Robbie;

    From This Moment -Shania Twain

    How Can I (Live Without You) - Leeann Rimes

    titanic theme -Celine DIon

    or something older:

    It Had to be You - Bobby Darin

    The Way You Look Tonight - Frank Sinatra

    or something a bit different:

    Loving You -Paolo Nutini

    Your Love Gets Sweeter - Finlay Quaye

    Northern Sky -Nick Drake

    Cant Get You Out Of My Mind -Aqualung

    or some R&B

    If I Aint Got You - Alicia Keys

    Rock wit you - Ashanti

    Choose something that reflects both you and your partner's tastes and something you'll enjoy in years to come. xx

  • megslordmegslord Posts: 126
    First time (ever I saw your face) by Journey South is lovely, and the best version by far.
  • we having U2 - All I want is you

  • BRIDE100BRIDE100 Posts: 884
    We are having Always by Atlantic Starr. Such perfect words.

    I also love Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden and Heaven by DJ Sammy (candlelight version)
  • BaxterukBaxteruk Posts: 3,373
    Or you could choose something older and more rat packy like 'Just the way you look tonight'. Have you tried doing a search on first dances on this site as i know there have been loads of ideas put around|!!

    Good luck with your search
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