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Is any1 gettng married at Mitton Hall in Whalley? If so does any1 have some information about the changes that are taking place there? I know that they are renovating the bar and reception area and this is where the wedding breakfast and night do will be held but was wondering if any1 had heard anything more?


  • Hi!

    I actually got married on the 1st Sept at Mitton Hall. We booked last October under the previous management and were so pleased, well that was before they sold!!! The restaurant and public bar was closed due to refurbishment which no one advised us off, slightly annoying as we all booked for the Friday night on the provision we could all have dinner together, this I could live with until the below happened....

    1. On arrival on the Friday there was no where to check in, myself and all our other guests walked though the wedding breakfast being held on that day, we were so embarrassed and appalled

    2. Rooms were dirty and no light bulbs!

    3. The guests that arrived on Saturday had no idea where to check in, no staff available to advise!! Fortunately we reserved all the rooms for our wedding party so we didn't have the general public walking through our wedding breakfast.

    4. The phone in the bar next to the great hall were we said our vows rang and rang and rang, not one member of staff was around to answer it, my brother had too!!

    5. The exit was kept open so an unwelcome cold breeze swept through the room, my disabled Grandmother who has limited hearing had to be moved to the back as the cold was making her ill so they didn't hear any of our vows.

    6. We requested canap????s and welcome drinks, the staff (who spoke little English) offered around 25% of the guests these then dumped them at the side of the bar whilst all the guests were being received outside! So both I and my Mum ended up walking round with these.

    7. My guests were sold warm beer and on complaining the staff retorted with "well you didn't ask for a cold beer" - How charming!

    8. The staff serving the wedding breakfast couldn't understand simple requests from our guests such as a glass of water!

    9. My swarovski crystals and tea lights that I specifically asked to be requested be returned to me due to the costs were either thrown away or possibly removed from the venue???

    10. The buffet was removed early before all the guests had the chance to eat, on looking for a member of staff to requests further drinks (they all seemed to disappear) they were found eating the buffet that we had paid for and not agreed for this to be removed.

    Theses are just some of the examples of the poor management and capabilities of the Mitton Hall Staff, granted there were maybe 2 members of staff that really did do their best and yes the great hall is truly beautiful with a wonderful ambience, but sadly not worth the stress and upset of the above.

    I would recommend you look elsewhere, both my husband feel so disappointed with what happened and what's most upsetting is they couldn't even apologies to us.

    Good luck!


  • Ive got my money back and I have booked for Eaves Hall. Im so sorry that you were treated like that.
  • Hi AShlkny,

    Eaves Hall looks wonderfull and less expensive than Mitton, wish I'd seen it sooner image

    We still had a great day to remember and fantasic photos, its now that we hear all the feedback from guests that we are all the more appalled! I'm even more disappointed they won't apologise!

    Good luck with your wedding!


  • My mum, MIL2B and H2B all like it better aswell! Im glad that I wasn't booked in to get married at Mitton sooner!
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