village hall chairs need cheap cover ideas/cheap chair hire

my village hall chairs are those old fashioned bucket style orange plastic chairs and most chair covers r for banqueting chairs. on a real tight budget and need a way i can cover the chairs cheaply or hire nicer chairs cheaper. need about 100 chairs or over and just cant afford to spend hundreds please any ideas welcome. even thought of just draping satin fabric over them from ebay then tying in place with contrasting colour piece fabric but then this could work out same cost of hiring chair covers.. any ideas, places companies pls let me know.....


  • where are you based? what about ebay?
  • loweellieloweellie Posts: 1,196
    i'm in east yorkshire..been looking one bay cant find anything that will fit my chairs for price that is right, looking at buying fabric rolls on ebay and seeing what works out there...
  • hi

    sorry no ideas either yet but just to share that i;ve got exactly the same horrible orange plastic chairs for my party too - hope to find some way of covering them. any ideas welcome, please.
  • Hi the only place i can find is and it is gonna work out expensive,

    sorry no help really,

    Jo x
  • thanks Jo - agree too pricey for me. will just have to put up with them and hope people focus on the food, happy occasion, and booze!
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    lookingahead...i'm going to the hall this sat with 25m roll of voile from ebay for £8 and seeing if i can cut drape and tie round with someothing nice to hold in place, if it works and looks good it'll be good price and easy so will let u know how it goes. my only other otpion is to hire 100 chairs for £255 best price i could find for gold banquesting chairs with ivory pads that includes vat and delivery and collection cos they live few mins from me but still £255 is pushing budget even thought its a good price for good quality chairs and for 100! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Origin79 who's that quote with if you don't mind me asking?

    Jo x
  • loweellieloweellie Posts: 1,196
    it's only that cheap if you live in east yorkshire (walkington near beverley) otherwise it's not as cheap due to delivery charges and collection which is a lot but my venue is 10mins from their office (what luck) their details are in my wedding folder which h2b has so will let u knwo when i get it back soz cant remmber name off by heart just price. xx
  • origin79 - how did the dressing the venue go? you mentioned you were going last weekend with the voiles. have no idea how much voile to buy - have you done this sort of thing before and do you use staples to attach to the walls etc?? sorry no clue how to go about this and can see me fighting on with billowing material and getting in a knot with it all...
  • loweellieloweellie Posts: 1,196
    unfortunately when we got to the venue, they said we couldn't use any nails, tacks, bluetack etc so can't use my voiles as planned. it's due to it being a listed building. on the plus side less work for me, so i didn't get to use the voiles but still thinking of tiying them from one beam in the ceiling to the next to drape them a little but i wont be covering walls and ceilign with them now. just decided i am going to buy lots flower stands to place in front of walls and spend my voile budget on more flowers!!!
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