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  • I would say that it is your wedding and you can do whatever you choose. We have decided to go away with just my daughter and get married in a registry office, the budget option. We will then go for a meal. We are having a party to celebrate 3 days later, but we've told everyone that we are marrying privately and not saying where or when it is. 

    Just do what is right for you. If your families love you, they will understand your choice 😊
  • Easy, if you don’t want a reception don’t invite anyone to witness your ceremony.
  • Easy, if you don’t want a reception don’t invite anyone to witness your ceremony.
    It's not that easy though because people seem to *really* want to come. Like, I seriously didn't expect my parents or sister to be there because it's a complete inconvenience to them. But they have decided for themselves that they will come.  

    Arg. I suppose if people are going to put themselves out to come here, I better get thinking about what I can do. 

  • It’s up to you, but if it were me I would feel weird not having a reception. As guests, people will have travelled and spent time and money coming along, so I’d want to catch up with them and speak to people. It’s not even really about thanking them for gifts in my opinion, more thanking them for their time. Also, without a reception it might feel as if the event ends quite abruptly and people just go on home. I don’t think it’s really a surprise that people want to attend, of course your family want to come and see you get married and celebrate. I would consider something really informal like a pub lunch after, it can still be low key, but allows everyone to celebrate! 
  • Hmmm, the restaurants around here aren't halal and aren't the kind of places to be accommodating about that sort of thing. Maybe I could prepare a buffet and we could go to the park or riverside to have it.
  • This is your wedding so you plan it how you want to, if it's a price issue and you don't want gifts, how about asking people to bring food instead of gifts and hire a hall or something and have a buffet. Or  set up a fund whereby people send money to pay for caterers etc instead of gifts. There are a multiple of choices and it doesn't have to be one or the other.
  • If people are travelling to see you, then I would agree it's not fair to not host them at all.  They are going through the time and expense to see you.  It's not very nice to have them come a ways and incur expenses for a 20 minute ceremony (and then send them off to make the best of it on their own).  I would say if it were just a very small group and everyone was local, it wouldn't be as big of a deal, but if that's not the case, it doesn't seem right to not offer people something.
    Like @carolinsheermz94 said, there are loads of ways to manage it so it's very low cost.  And you can skip all of the completely non-necessaries (like favours and chair sashes and flowers) in favour of offering a decent meal.

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