Dancing Feet?

Hi Guys

Just asking who is bothering with these and do you all feel they are required? I feel they are almost expected these days! 


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  • It was a definite for me as I've been to a couple of weddings where they've been really popular and used (by me too!) then I forgot about it while focussing on the bigger picture and now I'm trying to decide if I'll actually bother. 

    I might just see how cheap I can pick some up in Primark and if they're only £1/£2 then I'll grab some, otherwise maybe not!
  • Just looked on Primark website and they're doing basic flip flops (in quite a few colours) for 90p a pair which is cheaper than I've seen online from supposed 'bulk' sellers so I'll go for some of those! :) That way I can get the right amount/variety of sizes too. xx
  • carmack83carmack83 Posts: 12 New bride
    I thought I may go for the roll up slippers, M&M have them for £2 a pair so they are easier to dance in. I found the Primark flip flops a little uncomfortable when I used them! 

    I also thought about taking the spa slipper route. One of my clients at work sell them so would be nice to get a discount :) 
  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 890 New bride
    This is one of those things that never even occurred to me.

    I wouldn't say they were expected at all. People are capable of bringing a change of shoes if they are worried about their feet hurting when they dance!

    I've never been to a wedding that's provided a change of shoes myself, but I'd be interested to hear from people who have provided flip-flops, etc., as to how many pairs were used, and how many were discarded at the end of the night. My chief concern would be what happens to all these plastic shoes once the party is over, although if people take them home and reuse them, that's okay!

    Personally, I'd prefer to spend my budget elsewhere.
  • I get the appeal but i'm not a huge fan. It is a nice gesture to want your guests to feel more comfortable, but i personally don't think its that important. I have been to a wedding with them and i didn't use them, because i cant stand flip flops and let alone trying to dance in them!

    I think most people either know they can dance all night in their shoes, or they'll bring their own flats. At my friends wedding her mum swapped into Crocs!  :D
  • carmack83carmack83 Posts: 12 New bride
    i have been to a wedding where they were all used up so I know they do get used. I wouldnt go plastic I am thinking fabric which will hopefully be used again. I thought roll up slippers are great for holidays etc that they may be used again. 
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,949 New bride
    I'm not bothering. I've been to weddings with and without them, but I'm personally pathetic in heels so always take a change of shoes with me anyway, and find cheap flip flops really uncomfortable.
    It's a nice idea but not one I'm personally willing to throw any money at!
  • MrsPope2018MrsPope2018 Posts: 1,335 New bride
    We had them at our wedding and I'd say 80% got used but we did buy a lot! The ones that were left over i gave to a friend who's wedding was a couple of weeks after mine and they got used up then. 

    We only did them because we had a bit of money left over but I don't think they are expected at all. In fact I don't think I've been to a wedding where they've been supplied. 
  • I think a lot of brides do this because they think it's the done thing, but it's really not. I have seen it done (mostly on weddings on this forum), but never IRL. There is no "expectation" that the bride and groom need to provide alternative footwear for their guests. If my shoes get uncomfortable at a wedding, I take them off.  It's pretty simple.
    I also have a huge issue with spending on third-world-labour wedding products, and those cheap flipflops are def a top offender. No one needs another pair of cheap sandals, esp not at the expense of people living in squalor in Vietnam and Bangladesh. I know it's impossible to shop entirely domestic, but I do try to at least minimise the amount I spend on unnecessary things like these.
  • MrsGtoBMrsGtoB Posts: 712 New bride
    We had 20 fur sliders (primark) and they all went within seconds of the band starting  We had 60 day guests...

    I wanted to buy another 10 but they were out of season in January when we got around to it...

    They weren't expected but our guests loved them!  

  • SlySly Posts: 36 New bride
    I agree with the comment above, don't add more cheap plastic to the world problem, yeah sure, they exist so someone is going to buy them but don't be a part of the problem. Besides, people are grown ups and can take shoes off or take a change of shoes if they know they will be in pain after heels all day. Save yourself the money and spend it on a holiday 😁 
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