Takeaway at home?

Would this be really weird? We're only having 12 guests max including us and my stepdaughter. We're also trying to keep costs down as much as possible and we have several guests with complex dietary requirements. Would it be weird to order takeaway at our house after the ceremony / photos? We could give our guests the option of a few places and would also cut down on alcohol costs as we could just buy a few bottles of wine / crates of beer. Any thoughts?


  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,949 New bride
    Sounds perfect, go for it!
  • Beatrice25Beatrice25 Posts: 248 New bride
    Sounds lovely! A blogger I follow had something similar where they got married in a registry then had a small get together with Dominos pizza, drink, music and did a pub quiz. Her website doesn't seem to be working right now but its theannaedit.com if you want some inspo, think she did some youtube videos as well x
  • I think it sounds lovely!! Its nice to have something small and personal 
  • MrsPope2018MrsPope2018 Posts: 1,342 New bride
    Beatrice I follow Anna too and her wedding looked amazing! 
    Definitely worth a look 
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    This sounds great! I'm not sure how you're planning to do this, but I would make sure I had everyone's orders well in advance so that it can be pre-ordered before the wedding to be delivered to the house in time for the reception. I wouldn't want the faff of trying to order meals for 12 people on my wedding day! I don't know how far in advance you can order through Deliveroo, etc.

    I would warn against giving people too much choice, though, as it could get complicated. If it was me, I would just select my favourite takeaway and buy a selection of dishes to share from there (depending on those dietary requirements, of course). That way would be easier to keep track of costs.

    Also, I would over-order so I had plenty of leftovers!
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