Party/Reception timings


We're having a secret ceremony with only ten guests then are having a party for friends/family about six weeks after. I'm currently trying to figure out timings and am looking for some input. Would this work? 

7.00pm: Guests arrive 7pm for 7.30pm 
7.00-8.00pm: Drinks/cocktail & chat hour
7.30pm: Newlyweds arrive (probably an indoor sparkler arrival!) 
8.00pm: Speeches (four people, possibly five if I say something)
8.30pm: 'Party' begins 
10.00pm: Late night snack type thing 
Wrap up time TBC, possibly 12pm. 

What do you think? Some caveats: I've not built in time for a first dance or cake cutting because I don't think we'll be doing that. I am assuming folk would have eaten first but there will be some nibbles on arrivals and then a snack later on - and the invite will say something like 'drinks + dancing' so it's not implied there's a sit down meal. I know thirty minutes isn't very long for speeches but there is time to overrun if need be (but generally, I'd rather short but sweet speeches although parents might say otherwise!)  Kids won't be invited.

I'm not sure what else we should be thinking of/considering so would welcome any input and/or ideas! 



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