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Finding the perfect band

MrsH2020MrsH2020 Posts: 240 New bride
Hi everyone,
We are on the hunt for a great band - music is a priority for us and we are both quite fussy; my fiancé is a musician himself. We are looking for a 6/7-piece soul/funk/motown band preferably with some sort of brass section and a strong male singer, and our issue isn't finding bands like this, but deciding between what seem like endless options when it usually not possible to see them live first.
They are so many more agencies out there than I realised, each claiming to have the best bands around, and the prices vary wildly for seemingly similar offerings. So, does have anyone have any advice on agencies that are really good, or ones to avoid, or specific bands that might fit the bill (our wedding is in West Sussex)? We would be happy to book directly with a band rather than through an agency, but they are so hard to find! In terms of agencies, so far we have enquired with Alive Network, Lemon Entertainment, Toast Functions, Function Central, Entertainment Nation, Tailored Entertainment and Hire A Band.
Our top budget for the band is £2,000 and we'd really like them to be able to play our own playlists around the sets, and have the option for a duo/trio earlier in the day at the drinks reception. We have found quite a few bands well within the budget, and plenty well above but with no hugely discernable difference!
Any advice/thoughts welcomed!


  • Hello!

    I'm in the process of planning my wedding for next May (I'm currently trying to pluck up the courage to start a planning thread, as I so enjoy hearing about what all the other lovely ladies on here are doing, and it feels wrong to lurk rather than contribute!)

    Anyway booking a band was the most recent thing I ticked off my to do list. I first went to some agents from my venue's recommended supplier list, and although the bands sounded good, the price was frankly terrifying (£3,500 +!!!!).

    Very long story short but it turned out a guy I went to law school with quit law and set up a company with his brother as a sort of music agent: on their site you put in (i) date of your event; (ii) location of your event; (iii) budget; (iv) approximate timing of event; and (v) the type of music you want, and then the bands registered on the site get in touch with you with their quotes if they are in your budget, provide your sort of music and are available.  We had the same top end budget as you, and we had about a dozen really great bands to choose between in the end (all of whom were in budget, the type of music we wanted and willing to travel to Devon where our wedding will be) and loads of them offered what they call virtual DJ service playing our playlists through laptops etc between their sets. A lot of the bands also seem to be formed of professional session musicians who play events at the weekends and in the evenings. So my recommendation is to check out

    I hope this helps. Sorry, I'm such a rambler, but hope to be more present on various threads over the next few months! :) x
  • MrsH2020MrsH2020 Posts: 240 New bride
    Thanks so much - I hadn't heard of Fix The Music but have looked into it. Definitely a good idea to get suitable bands to get in touch rather than having to gather all the quotes yourself.

  • And for couples in Northern Ireland, try we know everybody in entertainment, it's a small country.......And by the way, re the comment we saw about bands supplying the disco too. We come from a band background and we don't ever have bands doing DJ.    We supply a full setup live band plus a full setup disco and we can do that for £1200 total or less! 
  • Hi Mrs H,

    I saw this and thought I'd give you some spam free advice!! ;)

    We are not a Soul or Motown band so thought it would be ok to post on this one. Plus I know a band that would suit your needs.

    Take a look at Jam Hot Band. Great players and vibe. Not sure about the daytime option but they would make your reception go with a bang! 

    Good luck with your search! 

  • k.pedrickk.pedrick Posts: 17 New bride
    Take a look at Ozzy&Stix on Instagram. If your local to essex they do some restaurant gigs around brentwood and loughton if you wanted to see them live before enquiring
  • Hi Mrs H, 

    Have you considered Music For Scotland? We’ve been to 2 weddings in the last few years with bands from that company and they’ve been exceptional. We literally didn’t leave the dance floor all night! Can’t remember much else from either wedding but the bands definitely stood out.  From what the couples said, they were very good value for money too, certainly within the £2k bracket. One of the singers was on The Voice too apparently!

    Here are the bands we saw:

    hope this helps!
  • Madassa Soul Band sound perfect! Look them up, theyre fantastic. 
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